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Three Strategic Ways to Get Rid Of Stubborn Born Belly Fat

Healthy diet and exercise are the only combination by which you can get rid of the accumulated belly fat. Belly fat is stubborn in nature and anyone who is trying to get in shape has to deal with this. Here are a couple of steps, which you can take to tame that area. You can also consume supplements for fat loss; find out more detail about Anavar UK regulations before consuming it.


Manage Insulin

Insulin can be your worst enemy and it can be your best friend also, but a million dollar question is how to turn the tide in your favor? In order to manage insulin you are supposed to consume those food items which have low glycemic index. This will make a lesser impact on your body. Many diet routines will direct you to totally give up starchy foods and sweets, but in my opinion this will not always bring results. When trying to cut down the fat percentage in your body, you need to understand when to eat these food items or when skip, to make your fat loss mission a success.

If you have a sweet tooth, then take a smaller portion after weight training. At this point of time insulin will send the sweets directly to the muscles which are in need of energy. This will not get accumulated around your waist line. And for the rest of the day, you must concentrate on consuming healthy fats and protein with complex carbohydrates. Experts also suggest scheduling a stomach wrap for best results.

How to Control Your Hormones?

There are many researches which have shown that when you do cardiovascular exercises for long duration, it is not that efficient. This is because the activity of the thyroid is down regulated. If you have faith in the old believe that cardio is to lose fat and burn calories, then it is okay.

When you exercise and take part in a physical activity, your hormonal secretion regulates.To boost your metabolism and to control your hormones, go for weight training. This will stimulate GLUT4 which will help your muscles to absorb more carbohydrates and burn glycogen stores.  Know about Anavar UK regulations before using it. At the end of this, you will achieve a firm and a well-toned body. Women should not worry about looking bulky; this will happen only if male hormones will take over. You just do it with sincere affects and imagine the benefits of this weight loss routine.


Long-term weight loss can be maintained by eating micronutrients in the right proportion. People cannot understand and they are surprised to see the results of nutrient dense frequent meals. They think that only answer to weight loss is calorie cutting.

Eating those foods which have micronutrients like, minerals, enzymesand phytonutrients will ensure the hormonal secretions as well as hormonal signals in the body. This works directly on detoxifying, thyroid function and leptin sensitivity of the body. This kind of food will provide all the necessary nutrients required for the successful functioning of your body with a check on the calorie intake.