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Natural ingredients can give you a youthful skin – Make your own skin care regimen

As per reviews, it has been found out that people spend a lot of time in considering what they put inside their body but they spend very less time in considering what they put on their body. You must be aware of the fact that the biggest organ of your body is your skin and that it absorbs both bad and good, chemicals and nutrients alike. As per dermatologists, if you use something that you won’t feed yourself, don’t feed it to your skin.

Although there are websites like where you get some of the best skin care products, yet there are too many toxic things which we use every day on our skin and this may seem to be daunting. The foremost thing to take into account is instant awareness. So, here are few tips to take care of your skin and detoxify it.

#1: Go through the ingredients

The ultimate goal is to look for products which have few toxic ingredients. Make sure you avert those brands which have phthalates, paraben, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphate. Remember that they’re all malicious chemicals which have proved to cause cancers or other sorts of damage as the chemicals tend to enter your blood. You won’t see the word ‘paraben’ written on the label but if it reads propylparaben, methylparaben or butylparaben, you should be aware!

#2: Make your natural skin care products

The best way to be sure about the skin care products that you use is by making them on your own. You can save bundle of your dollars when you make your own products after checking out the recipes for cleansers, scrubs with the help of the real kitchen ingredients. For your body and face, essential oils can make great moisturizers and you can easily get them in stores. Coconut oil can be used to take off eye makeup and can be used to moisturize your skin as well.

#3: Instead of the toxic stuff, get the natural ones

Unless you’re someone who has ton of time and an unlimited budget, keep it simple. When you finish some shampoo or body lotion, make sure you replace the old one with a natural and organic product. Once you tend to see the benefits, majority of your products will be replaced and you will see that you’re wasting nothing!

#4: Check what you eat

People usually consider food as energy but there are times when they forget that minerals and vitamins are also required for long-lasting beauty and good health. Kiwis are replete with Vitamin C, avocado is rich in vitamins E, A and B, cucumbers have silicon which enhances skin elasticity, eggs are rich in proteins and they help you in building healthy hair and water is of utmost importance when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Therefore, not only will you have to consider what you apply on your skin but also what you feed yourself when you wish to have youthful skin. Consider the above mentioned points and use them to use the right skin care products.