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Secret to sexy hips – How to maintain the best shape

Real women usually have hips, that too shapely ones. The idea of having well-toned and strong hips is not only beautiful but also necessary. Strong hips can dance, can hike mountains, play all kinds of games and also run for miles. Sculpting the best form of hips is nothing but an art that you need to master and this demands balance and symmetry. With the perfect combination of few big and few small exercises can help you succeed with getting the best shape hips. Read on the article to know about the main secrets behind achieving the sexiest shape for your hips.

Aerobics help you lose inches from your hips

Just as there’s nothing like Santa Claus, there is also nothing called spot reduction and the sooner you realize, the better for you. It is not that hip exercises can help you lose inches from your hips but when you perform aerobics, this can burn away excess fat. Don’t forget that your body has alpha and beta fat receptors. The former causes fat cells to produce more fat and the latter break down fat. In the hip region, the number of alphas outnumbers the betas and they’re 9 to 1. This clearly means that the hips are a place for fat storage. So, lengthen your cardio workout, add some hills and boost your speed in order to get positive results. You can find more info here on getting shapely hips through the right workout.

Dancing is the key to achieving shapely hips

You must have often envied the hip muscles of a dancer and thought how dedicated they must have been in building such luscious hips. They must have been engaging themselves in gluteus and medius exercises. These muscles usually sit on the upper and outer part of the butt and apart from these; you should also choose hip rotating. Turnout is an exercise which rotates the legs within their sockets so that the knees face outward and this is usually known to be a dancer’s Holy Grail. Hence, if you’re a dancer, you can be sure of achieving shapely hips in no time.

Try some squat variations

The squat is indeed a true hip-shaping exercise but if you do it only in its basic form, it gets old. You can therefore bring is something new and try sumo squats which can not only tone your hips but also your legs. Stand with your back against the wall and place a ball between your back and wall. Bend your kneed and press your thighs against the ball. Do it 15 times.

Therefore, by doing the above mentioned things, you can definitely achieve shapely hips which can add to your entire look. Your pair of denims will seem to make you look more beautiful now.