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The Importance of Holistic Addiction Recovery

There are many factors that contribute to substance use disorder, including physical, mental, social and environmental. Holistic rehab Florida offers substance abuse recovery programs that address the whole individual, thereby giving the best chance for long-term recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction can ruin a person’s professional and personal life while hurting and damaging relationships with friends and family members. A comprehensive treatment aims to take into consideration all aspects of a person’s personality and overall health in order to create a customized program for effectual recovery.


What Is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment has been used for decades to treat a wide range of ailments. It can also be very effective in treating substance use disorders such as alcohol and drug addiction. In drug and alcohol abuse rehab programs, holistic therapies are combined with more traditional therapies that give an overall satisfaction that may not be achieved with traditional therapies alone. Holistic treatment programs may include but are not limited to:

• Acupuncture
• Aromatherapy
• Animal therapy
• Gardening
• Creative arts therapy
• Herbal therapy
• Yoga and meditation
• Music therapy

Holistic rehab programs may be located in a beautiful natural setting, serve wholesome organic meals to improve your nutrition and include physical activities such as hiking, biking and swimming.

The Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

The main benefit you will experience is an individualized treatment plan that takes into consideration all aspects of the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. The therapy may include consideration for your physical, psychological and emotional health as well as social and spiritual symptoms that may go along with a chemical dependency. Even withdrawal symptoms during Washington detox may be reduced.

Contrary to popular myth, holistic therapy is not synonymous with homeopathic treatments and home remedies. It treats every aspect of a person’s body and mind to reach total wellness. A variety of alternative and natural treatments may be incorporated into a treatment plan. This may open the door for overcoming emotional and spiritual dilemmas.

In a holistic program, people often feel that the recovery experience is easier and more comfortable. One reason for this is the access to canine or equine assisted therapy where patients have the opportunity to care for and interact with the animals. This may foster self-esteem and help remove depression and anxiety. Patients often develop self-confidence that is expressed in other areas of their treatment.

Artistically inclined people may enjoy a wide range of creative arts therapy that will help them connect with their thoughts and feelings and give expression through painting, drama, dance, music and writing. Even something as simple as coloring therapy can have a calming effect on certain individuals and allow the effects of the other treatments to be internalized.

Other benefits include access to brainwave biofeedback, a non-invasive method for improving one’s self-concept and thereby their outlook on life. Patients may also have massage therapy to align their spine and limbs to release physical tension or participate in Tai Chi to improve balance and health. Hypnotherapy may be employed to help a patient achieve an altered state of consciousness.

Personalized Holistic Plan

An addiction treatment plan is not holistic unless it takes into account your individual likes and dislikes and personality characterizes. This means you can expect to have an in-depth, personalized psychiatric assessment and evaluation that will help the trained professionals identify your specific recovery needs. Your program will be unique to better address your needs and give you an optimum treatment experience. You may have a session with a counselor that will help ensure long-term recovery success with little chance of relapse.

People who develop substance use disorders may not be aware of the reasons for becoming addicted to a drug or alcohol. It may develop gradually while taking prescription painkillers for an injury or because the person wants to escape from a feeling of loneliness. Alcohol addiction may start with social drinking and slowly become something the person cannot live without. According to the holistic plan the body, mind and spirit need to be in harmony for complete recovery. That is why the treatment is tailored to each individual’s needs. The program may last from 30 – 90 days depending on the substance used and the length of time it was used.

A holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction may offer you great assistance throughout all the stages of recovery. When every aspect of your personality is considered, there is a better chance that you will be able to take control of your life again.