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Understanding the effect of Low dosage & High dosage Kratom

Low dosage and its effect

In low doses Kratom looks more stimulating and euphoric. The effect of flooding on approximately 15-30 minutes after ingestion and is associated with a perceived increase in body temperature. It is formed from an inner base satisfaction and the body feels good. Negative physical feelings such as fatigue, hunger, lethargy and possibly even pain into the background or disappear completely. The body is placed in a pleasantly warm.

Mentally, a deep inner satisfaction can form. A sense of carelessness and security is perceived. Sometimes happiness is felt and inner spiritual tensions and blockages dissolve. The deed of action rises and the euphoria increases. The activity increases and tasks can be done more easily. It is a kind of “flow” perceived, which can increase productivity.

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Especially the undisturbed listening to music is perceived as enriching and enjoyable.

In situations in which the consumer has to focus, takes the action in the background and returns once again rest occurred.

The effects of kratom lasts about 4 to 6 hours and decreases after this period. The absence of appetite and fatigue can last for more hours.

High dosage and its effect

In higher doses Kratom has a sedative effect and relaxing. The characteristic opioid effect comes to the fore. In this state, the body is numbed downright and more pain be breastfed. Daydreams and half waking states (aka Nodden) may occur and are perceived by most consumers as positive. In addition to the psychological effects that occur even at low doses, an intense body feeling spreads.

Side effects

An overdose can cause discomfort and a hangover the next day. The cat is similar to the alcohol, occurs rather with wrong dosage or varietal intolerance and occurs accordingly rare. For nausea and discomfort after consumption, it helps to drink a lot, to eat something and to lie down.

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Another side effect of the loss of appetite is known, which is used in Asia as a tool for losing weight. However, an application as an appetite suppressant is strictly discouraged.

As chronic side effects of appetite and resultant weight loss may occur. Rarely, hyperpigmentation and withdrawal symptoms such as increased irritability, muscle or joint pain are rare. Although these long-term sequences are mentioned in scientific articles, more detailed information and studies are completely unknown to us.

Correct long-term sequences are hardly documented and not scientifically proven.

Since Kratom contains opioids, can withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation after a period of daily consumption. These are manifested in the form of flu-like symptoms that disappear usually within a few days.