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Why We Get Diabetes and Other Associated Problems

Diabetes is an issue, which is growing with each passing day. There was a time when people did not know about any such issue but then it started appearing very fast and now the situation is so bad that it is happening with kids of very small age. The reasons of people having diabetes are different but mostly it is because of bad eating habits. The amount of sugar in food nowadays is very high and that is causing diabetes. This is also an inherited problem. It is a problem in which the amount of sugar in a body can increase than its required amount or it can go very down. In both cases, the patient health can go through very bad physical condition and if the problem gets very serious, it can cause sudden death too.

This problem occurs because of abnormal immune system. Pancreas is an organ, which is present between every person’s backbone and stomach like a sandwich. Many people do not know about this organ. The function of this organ is to produce insulin. The insulin produce by the Pancreas keeps the amount of glucose or sugar levelled. The glucose provides a person energy and physical strength. Having diabetes means that the Pancreas is not producing insulin or it is producing less amount of it. It can also mean that the body is not reacting to the insulin that is being produced by the Pancreas. There are three types of diabetes and all these types have been divided according to the situation mentioned above. In type1 diabetes, the Pancreas stop producing insulin and in type2 the body stop reacting to the insulin produced by the Pancreas. The third type of diabetes is very rare and it happens during pregnancies. it is just like type2 diabetes but it is the only type that can be cured.

There is no cure for first two types of insulin disorder. Once a person becomes diabetic, his good health can only be maintained with proper diet and good exercise. He will have to live with this problem his whole life. He will have to be very careful how much sugar he is taking in his food. For some people, doctor suggests no use of sugar at all. The causes of type1 diabetes are not found yet. People do not know what trigs this type of diabetes but the causes of type2 diabetes is obesity and not proper physical exercise.

This problem is very serious but the worst thing about it is that it can trig many other problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases and others. Diabetic men also start having ED also known as impotency. In this problem, the person cannot perform a physical act. There are many different medicines to cure this problem like fildena. People can buy fildena 120 strong and other medicines to cure ED from online stores very easily but it is important to consult to a good doctor before taking any kind of drug. Some people start having low blood pressure all the time because their sugar level remains low. In the start doctors give different medicines to control this problem along with a good diet chart but after a limited time, all that stops working and then doctor suggest the patient start having insulin injection.