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Check out the Practical Guide of Male enhancement Side Effects

Penis enlargement pills – a booming industry indeed! That’s because these products are often advertised with sexy women swooning over a hunk. That’s every guy’s dream. When it comes to virility, men want to know that they do a good job when in terms of sexually pleasing their women. Unfortunately, a variety of health issues can get in the way. Some lose the urge to engage in sexual intercourse for a variety of reasons:

Health issues
Psychological Problems
If you’re looking for ways to increase libido, turn to your doctor for help and get a pill that’s been approved by the FDA. A health expert should know what your body needs and what’s safe to take when you’re currently taking other medicines as well. More importantly, know what the male enhancement side effects are because you could put your health on the line if you’re not too careful with the brand you purchase.

Male Enhancement Side effects

Be vigilant about your health by knowing the risks for every medicine you take. While male enhancement pills do improve your sex life by increasing libido and enhancing sensations, there are also side effects for brands that use undisclosed ingredients.

FDA testers say that with some brands, you can suffer from the following health issues:


Weight Gain – This is actually one of the more common side effects.

Sexual Impotence – While this seems ironic, some medicines eventually lead to sexual impotence when being taken for long periods of time. After all, these are often sold as supplements, which make men believe that they can take the pill regularly.

Dependency – This is a common fear among men, and when medicines are taken without the proper supervision, you could actually be unable to engage in sexual intercourse without the medicine to help you.

Headache and Nausea – That’s because the pills are designed to increase blood flow, and when there’s an increase of activity within the body, you could experience slight dizziness or discomfort.

Vision Loss – Many have reported temporary or long-term vision loss due to unknown substances found in their male enhancement supplements.

Loss of Hearing – There are also those that can attest to the fact that their hearing has been affected since they’ve taken the pills and that no drug seems to cure it.

Priaprism – Otherwise known as prolonged erection, which is extremely dangerous. In fact, those who suffered from it have reported experiencing bluish vision.

Stroke or Heart Attack – This is one of the more deadly side effects. Oftentimes, the culprit here is the reaction to the supplements with certain prescription drugs.
What You need to know

Not all herbal supplements come with an FDA stamp of approval. In fact, many have slipped through the cracks by branding themselves as all-natural health supplements. Just because a medicine is herbal in nature, it doesn’t mean that your body is better able to absorb it. In fact, some of nature’s products don’t work well with prescription drugs, and as seen from the hundreds of medical cases reported by doctors, you need to talk to a health expert before purchasing any kind of health supplement.

If you lack sexual stamina and are looking for the best solution, always talk to your doctor. There are a variety of brands you can look into. Someone who knows your medical history can properly guide you on the list of ingredients to look for and the brands of medicine to consider. The point here is that you have guidance from a person who’s schooled on what the male enhancement side effects are. Be careful with the medicines you purchase. Remember, your health should be a priority. Everything else is secondary. When it comes to your libido, there’s always something you can do. You just have to know where to get help.