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How to Take Your Skin from Drab to Fab in Four Simple Steps

Is your skin letting you down these days? Do you often find yourself covering up pimples, dark circles, and patches with make-up more often than usual? Our habits, diet, and lifestyles can have a larger effect on our skin than we may realize. As the largest organ in our body, our skin goes through a lot – and it’s visible from the outside, meaning that you can easily see if something isn’t right. When it comes to improving the condition of your skin and restoring it to a healthy, glowing condition once again, simple steps can often make the biggest difference. Here’s what you can do to boost the condition and health of your skin, starting from today.

#1. Use Great Products:

With so many different skincare products out there, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for you. Maybe you’ve been using a standard moisturizer from your local drugstore, or perhaps you have a cabinet filled with skincare products that all promise to give you the miracle fix that you’ve been hoping for. However, not all skincare products are created equally, and some can even do more harm than good! As a general rule, stick to a high-quality SPF moisturizer with natural ingredients, an unscented skin cleansing product, and a good anti-aging cream such as this one from Dermaset Skincare.

#2. Drink Plenty of Water:

If you tend to drink more coffee, tea, soda and alcohol than you do water, then ditching these drinks can cause a massive difference in your skin. Since a massive percentage of your skin is water, failing to drink enough of it can quickly leave it looking and feeling dehydrated and dry. Swap your coffee and soda for pure water – around two liters per day is the recommended amount. Making water your main drink and everything else a treat in moderation will certainly improve your skin drastically.

#3. Eat the Right Foods:

When it comes to looking after your skin via your diet, it’s not just the liquids that you drink which will have an effect. Every food that you put into your body will affect your skin in one way or another. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re more likely to break out in pimples if you’ve been eating one too many take-outs or have been consuming more junk food than usual. Including foods such as egg whites, leafy greens, cheese, and fish in your diet is perfect for your skin since these are high in collagen and omega-3 fatty acids, which will help your skin to retain moisture and elasticity.

#4. De-Stress:

Whilst your physical habits and lifestyle can have an effect on your skin, don’t forget that your stress is also likely to show up on your face. Taking some time to have a break from everyday life, encouraging yourself to relax, and taking part in more activities that help you keep your calm will not only enable you to feel more in control; they’ll also keep your skin healthy!

Looking after your skin well will boost your health, appearance, and confidence!