4 Signs Your Child Needs an ENT Doctor in Singapore


Because children are more susceptible to ear, nose, or throat issues, you’ll need to monitor your child for any symptoms or signs. After all, some children are too young to voice out their discomfort effectively. My children didn’t come to me about their ear discomfort because they didn’t want to disturb me while I was working from home. I adapted and learned the critical signs of ENT infections so I could immediately take my child to a paediatrics ENT specialist if I suspected something was abnormal. Here are some telltale signs your child has an ENT issue.

1. Trouble Swallowing

If swallowing is challenging or even painful for a child, it’s best to go to an ENT clinic immediately. Usually, this symptom isn’t a cause for concern. When my kid told me he couldn’t swallow, I took him to an ENT doctor who told me it was only a viral infection that would clear up soon. However, it’s still essential for your child to be seen by a doctor because it’s a common symptom for more severe cases, too, such as tonsillitis. In that case, they may need an ENT surgeon instead.

2. Snoring

Regular snoring is normal among adults, but children don’t usually snore every night. Frequent snoring may be a sight of a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. One of my children has sleep apnea, which disrupted his sleep patterns so severely that he was constantly tired for a while. Thankfully, an ENT specialist in Singapore diagnosed my kid and created a treatment plan to make his life easier.

3. Recurring Ear Infections

Many ear infections can clear up on their own without needing any medication. However, if your child gets frequent ear infections that come and go every year, that’s a sign that they need to visit an ENT doctor in Singapore immediately. When my daughter began having frequent ear infections, we immediately saw a doctor who could prescribe her antibiotics to get rid of her infection for good. Be sure to be on the lookout for symptoms of ear infections, too, such as a reduced appetite, tugging at the ears, a sour odour coming from the ear, or hearing loss.

4. Long Lasting Colds

Many children often get colds because their smaller immune systems aren’t strong enough to fight many illnesses. For that reason, it’s common for children to get a cold once every few weeks, like how my daughter frequently gets sick during the colder season. However, if your child has had a cold for more than a week or one that recurs for a shorter time, it may be a cause for concern. Be sure to book an appointment with an ENT doctor in Singapore who can check your child for any severe issues.

When looking for an ENT surgeon for your child, you’ll want to ensure they are professional and authentic specialists in their field. Dr Dennis Chua is an experienced ENT surgeon of over fifteen years, specialising in adult and paediatric ENT cases. You can book a consultation with Dr Dennis Chua today by contacting him on his website.

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