4 ways you can improve your sexual performance


For most men, being intimate with their partner is one of the highlights of their relationship. It brings you closer together, makes you feel good and boots your confidence. But, what happens when your sexual performance isn’t up to scratch? There are a huge number of reasons why a man might be having difficulty pleasing both his partner and himself. From erectile dysfunction –  find out about erectile dysfunction treatments by clicking the link – to psychological factors, premature ejaculation and even high blood pressure, however the bigger problem is, that once doubt and anxiety creep into the bedroom, your satisfaction will only become harder to achieve. 

Luckily, there are ways you can improve your sexual performance. Read on for 4 helpful lifestyle tips. 

Don’t neglect foreplay

While many men believe penetrative sex is the jewel in the proverbial sexual performance crown, when you’re struggling with your performance or the quality of the sex you’re having you might want to focus a little on foreplay instead. If you’re suffering with erectile dysfunction or anxiety issues then you’ll be pleased to hear that having and maintaining an erection isn’t always needed to please your partner. In fact, many studies have shown that most women would prefer foreplay before penetrative sex and most struggle to climax with penetrative sex alone. Touching, kissing and oral sex can improve the sexual experience for both of you. 

Reconnect with your partner

When a relationship is new and exciting, so is the sex. However, overtime it can become routine, a little dull and difficult to get excited about. For both of you! Modern life keeps us busy, so it’s not always easy to find the time or energy to try something new. But when you take steps to reconnect with your partner and try something new and exciting, that excitement and passion will be replicated in the bedroom. Try a new activity together or go somewhere new, try sex in a new location or a new position and you’ll feel your connection improve. 

Keep ontop of your stress and anxiety

When you’re worried about your sexual performance, it shows. You’ll feel less excited about it and find it difficult to experience any kind of intimacy with your partner. Keeping ontop of your stress and anxiety will allow you to enjoy this experience and pleasure your partner too. Thankfully, there are simple ways you can manage your stress and anxiety and keep it out of the bedroom. Techniques such as meditation, getting enough sleep, taking time to exercise, spending more time doing the things you love. If your stress levels are higher than normal, and you’re worried about your mental health then speak to your GP.


It’s normal to find talking about your sexual issues difficult, even with someone you love and trust. However being open and honest about the problems or worries you’re having may be the key to enhancing your sexual performance. You can have fun and enjoy working together to find something that works for both of you, not only that but talking with your partner about these kinds of issues will only bring you closer together. 


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