5 Benefits of using progeny tablet


Infertility is a growing concern in men as it is in women around the globe! While most people end up assuming the intricacy lies with female fertility in the case of pregnancy failures, it might not be true. Any couple planning a pregnancy should ensure the good health of both of them. Infertility in females can be a complex study and a result of many underlying problems. However, this condition in males is often dependent on sperm health. Keeping several medical reports that prove this claim into account, Bold Care has brought a simple solution to it. The progeny tablet improves sperm health, and consequently, treats infertility to a great extent! 

Top Benefits of Bold Care Progeny Tablet 

Bold Care Progeny Tablet is a natural supplement that boosts sperm health and rules out the chances of male infertility. A lot of factors affect the quality of semen. It is not always something to do with the age of a man! While some may inherit the condition genetically, lifestyle issues and eating habits have a lot to do with it. 

Alcohol and drug abuse, excessive smoking, junk food, obesity, irregular sleeping patterns and depression/anxiety are the most common causes. The progeny tablet is efficient in countering the side effects of these habits. Here are some of the most obvious benefits of the product. 

#1 Improves Sperm Health 

Sperm health implies the total sperm count per ejaculation, quality and growth of the sperm, and the amount of semen produced by a man. The standard sperm count is 15 million or more per millilitre of semen. Progeny Tablet contains L-Carnitine, Folic Acid, and Selenium that boost sperm count and growth. 

#2 Boosts Stamina & Energy 

The better and longer a man performs on the bed, the better he maintains his sexual health. Stamina and energy are vital when it comes to a man having sex and last long enough to reproduce. This product by Bold Care contains all the required vitamins and antidepressants that make a man feel sexually energetic. 

#3 Increases Testosterone Levels 

Low testosterone level can lead to premature ejaculation or lower sperm production. It also affects the male sex drive. Progeny Tablet is efficient in increasing testosterone levels. Regular usage can help men overcome their concerns. Men should get a testosterone level test to discover their regular production rate. And if it is lower than the defined level, taking supplements is the best option. 

#4 Strengthens Immunity 

Male bodies that are immune to common diseases and viral infections are unlikely to develop any poor health condition. Progeny has B12, Zinc, and Vitamin C that strengthen immunity. B12 deficiency may lead to the damage of penile nerves, which may cause erectile dysfunction. One must be physically healthy to be able to enjoy sexual pleasure and produce a healthy child. 

#5 Enhances Sperm Motility 

Sperm motility implies the strength of sperm to move through the reproductive tract of a female and infuse the eggs. Low sperm quality and growth leads to lower sperm motility. Progeny Tablet improves the quality of sperm to enhance its motility rate. This condition is one of the common causes of male infertility. Men who have encountered a low motility rate should try this product, follow a wholesome diet, and abide by the instruction of their doctor to observe an improvement. 

Men who are trying for pregnancy in their late forties or are facing difficulties for a long time should try Progeny Tablet. The natural composition of the product does not cause any harm to the consumer. One should consult a doctor if the complexity is higher than just low sperm health. The efficiency of these tablets is accurate as per the claims! 

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