5 Preparation Tips for Your Second ENT Doctor Visit 


After your first check-up, the ENT doctor in Singapore has already advised you on the lifestyle you need to eat, medicines to take, and the treatment. But, how would you know if you have made good progress? Is the medication helping you recover? It’s advisable to schedule a second consultation to know your current status.

So, before you go to your second appointment, here are the things you need to prepare.

1. List Down Side Effects

If the doctor advised you to take a particular medication, notice if there will be side effects. Once you experience them, you must tell your ENT doctor on the second visit to know what is the appropriate action for solving the problem.

2. Share Your Progress

Your doctor needs to know if you’re improving. If yes, the doctor will advise you to continue what you’re doing. If not, the doctor will surely make another plan for your recovery progress. So, before going to an ENT clinic in Singapore, take notes on your progress for a more accurate assessment.

3. Additional Treatments

As you visit your ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore, ask the doctor if you’ll need additional treatments to improve your condition further. The other therapies may help continue your recovery until you fully heal from the disease.

4. Clarify If Your Condition Worsens

The ENT doctor should also clarify if your condition is worsening. If yes, you may need another recovery plan to ensure more improvement. You should start asking your doctor about what you should change that may contribute to your healing progress.

5. Ask When is the Next Appointment

Visiting once or twice an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore may not be enough. You may need more than five or more consultations to aid your full recovery. So, before leaving the clinic, don’t forget to ask your doctor about your next appointment.

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