An overview of the different types of incontinence pads


Incontinence products play crucial roles in maintaining the comfort and dignity of people suffering from incontinence. While a wide range of options is available these days, products like Confidence Club’s incontinence pads in Australia have emerged as the most sought-after solution for incontinence management. So if you’re looking for men’s incontinence pads for sale in Australia, you know where you need to look to get the best bargains! Incontinence pads help to manage both light and severe incontinence issues. But you must identify the severity of your incontinence before you decide to buy such products. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of incontinence pads to help you make an informed decision.

Shaped pads

Shaped pads come in two types – small shaped pads and large shaped pads. As the names imply, they are in different physical sizes. The small pads are ideal for managing light to moderate incontinence issues while the large ones are best used by those who are suffering from moderate to heavy incontinence. Shaped pads offer close fit and come with a stay dry layer and waterproof backing to help manage embarrassing leakages efficiently.

Products like Confidenceclub incontinence pads Australia are manufactured using very thin material, which makes them extremely light and comfortable! However, sometimes large shaped pads may move around, particularly during nighttime, which may lead to an increased risk of leakages. Also, if you’re suffering from very heavy leakages, beware as some shaped pads may not be suitable for you.

Insert pads

Note that insert pads don’t come with any waterproof backsheet, which is a common component of other types of incontinence pads. This is because these pads are meant to be used together with other products such as all-in-ones or pull-up pants. One of the biggest advantages of using insert pads is that they act as a cost-effective alternative to costly, new products. The pad itself absorbs some liquid that flows through it while the additional amount is absorbed by the outer product, which increases the overall absorption level. Insert pads are ideal for managing light to moderate incontinence issues. But if you’re suffering from severe issues, you should look for other types of incontinence pads.

All-in-one pads

These pads are usually recommended for people, who are suffering from severe to heavy incontinence issues. These come with a waterproof layer to ensure your clothing remains well protected in case you leak. All-in-one pads not only have high absorbency rates but eliminate the need for using any fixation pant as well. The downside is that these are usually larger and may come with excessive padding compared to other pads, which may not be ideal for active users.

Pull up pants

These incontinence products come with an inbuilt absorbent pad and a waterproof backsheet. The key reason behind their high popularity is that you can wear them in the same way as regular underwear. As these pants are made available with different absorbency levels, they can help manage different degrees of incontinence – from light to moderate to heavy.

Here’s the deal

When buying incontinence products such as men’s incontinence pads, your decision should be based on the product’s ease of use. Remember that thicker and larger pads offer high absorbency but they are bulkier and relatively more difficult to wear and remove. If you’ve made up your mind by now, be sure to check out Confidence Club’s collection of incontinence pads in Australia. Also, if you’re looking for men incontinence pads for sale in Australia, just look up Confidence Club’s range of products for the best deals!   



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