Are Dermal Fillers for me?


If you’re moving into the field of cosmetic procedures to enhance your own natural beauty, then you’ve probably realized from just a quick search online, that there are many different treatments and procedures out there. So, is dermal filling for you? Let’s take a look at what it does and what it can do for you:

A Dermal Filler sounds more technical, and frightening, than it actually is. The fact is that, as we age, we can lose some of the fattier tissues under the skin, resulting in a sallow look, with sunken cheeks that can come after the age of forty. What a dermal filler does is to literally fill in those areas, restoring that fuller look to the skin associated with youth. This is, however just one of the reasons you might look for a filler as your option.

Acne scarring affects millions across the world, some severely. If you have acne scarring on your face, dermal fillers can fill out those scars, making them far less noticeable. 

Crows Feet and wrinkles around the eyes can also be an issue for some people. This can be caused by age, or having not used sunglasses, resulting in a lot of squinting over the years. Crows feet are something that fillers can also take care of, returning a fresh look to the skin around the eye.

People who suffer from HIV and are taking antiretroviral therapy can experience lipodystrophy, which can cause a person’s face to look very gaunt and unhealthy. Dermal fillers can be used as a temporary measure to fill in those areas of the face, restoring a fuller, healthy look.

One thing that is commonly seen today, and fairly early, on many people’s faces is forehead furrows. There are lines that can occur on your forehead that are either vertical or horizontal. The horizontal ones are caused by lifting your eyebrows and the vertical ones are caused when you make your eyebrows to “meet”. Fillers can also be used to smooth out these lines, as well.

Then there are the lines that people usually see first, if you’re friendly. Yes, we’re talking about those annoying laugh lines. Curiously enough, the lines around the edges of your mouth are the result of laughing, but the ones at the top of your mouth are actually more the result of frowning, or puckering your lips too often. This can also be treated with this injection.

There are those who suffer from “marionette lines”. The reason why this term is used is due to ventriloquist dummies and marionettes having those two vertical lines next to their mouths so that the wooden piece for their chin can move up and down, giving the appearance that they’re actually talking. These same lines on a person were given this term for the resemblance to the marionettes. Dermal fillers are used effectively to treat this form of crease in the skin, as well.

As hard as it is to believe, these are not all the ways that dermal fillers can be used. The best thing to do is, as always, ask your doctor if a dermal filler can be used in your circumstances.



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