Autoflowering Seeds Feminized


Everyone has heard about Sativa and Indica. They both have crossed and spread with each other in a million different ways. That’s how we get Cannabis that is known for a long time. Back in 1924, someone discovered a third variety of Cannabis which is called ruderalis. It is found in the high mountains of Mongolia and Russia. Ruderalis are the plants that survived through a lot of different temperatures and conditions. Indica and Sativa could not survive in these conditions. Ruderalis did not have great buds. So, the plant got crossed with some other Indico or Sativa or hybrid plants and tried to extract the best quality.

One of the features of Ruderalis is that it did not care how much light it got before it flowers. The main thing why we care about auto flowers is because of this. Auto flowers will flower whenever they want to. However, this depends on the genetics that you get. So, it is not known as to which set of flowers will take how much time to flower. One of the issues while growing multiple auto flowers, even if they are from the same genetics, is the plants can look very different when it comes to final yield. It can be all over the place if you are trying to do gardening. A little bit of more randomness and not as much consistent growth. It is because of the different phenotypes.

For Autoflowering seeds feminized, Colloidal Silver is used for spraying. The grower can spray the solution on the leaves gently without touching any part of the plate. Also, it is recommended to seed the plant you want to grow instead of cross-pollinating it. The procedure will be more stable when it is the same seed and not different. Some of the famous Autoflowering Sources Feminized are AK47, AK48, Amnesia Haze, Big cheese, Big jack widow, Big white widow, Blue cheese, Blue dream, Bruce banner, CBD Express, CBD Purple Kush, CBG Citrus Nectar, Critical, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, Santa Maria, Zkittlez and many more.

The average THC of all these auto-flowering seeds feminized is 22% to 26%. Also, some small auto-flowering plants yield up to 10 to 50 grams. Some of the big auto-flowering plants can yield up to 100 incredible grams. Auto flowers are cheaper to grow and can be quickly grown at home. Also, they provide good THC and CBD. Normally, auto flowers can grow up to 17 to 50 cm in height. But, some auto flowers can grow up to 150 cm in height. Another advantage of auto-flowering seeds feminized is that they need an optimum amount of light. These are convenient for the growers. Also, watering the plant every four to five days is sufficient. The growers don’t have to take care of it regularly.

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