Benchtop Water Cooler vs Dispensers


People know about water dispensers as being a solid part of any good office or waiting area, however, there is more than one type of water dispenser. The time has developed from just stationary water dispensers to a new era of benchtop water coolers and other variants. So why were these new ones developed, where do they differ from the old and most importantly, is it a good choice for you?

As you take the journey of reading what makes each of these variants special, different and overall a good potential option for you, make sure to visit the Aussie Natural website and pick up some benchtop water coolers or stationary variants for yourself today.

Difference In Presentation

First off when you hear about a tabletop and stationary variants you often consider why you would choose the standalone option over the benchtop version. As the name suggests the standalone dispenser is the long sleek versions that are often found in waiting rooms and offices. On the other hand, the benchtops are smaller and built to be placed on a bench, for example, a kitchen bench or a display bench.

What this means is that the standalone variants are able to be placed anywhere in a room while, unless ur are really short, you need an elevated area for the tabletop version. The benchtop water coolers are much more compact than the standalone dispensers. Where the tabletop variant shines is when you need a watercooler but don’t have a large of space available.

Both are great and each is perfect for different requirements, no matter what choice you will still have great clean refreshing water.

The Same Craftsmanship But More Compact

If you are worried that because the benchtop variants are smaller that maybe the water containers might not be as large and the standalone versions but that isn’t a worry. The benchtop water coolers are built to last, sturdy and are just as great as the standalone variants.

With the benchtop variants, you also receive the same innovative technology that can be found in the standalone variants. Great water replacement design, fast heating and a great cleaning filter system, the benchtops are just great in terms of a fast, easy and refreshing water dispenser.

Benchtop Is More Compact

As stated before the benchtop water coolers have the distinct advantage of being a more compact variant of the standalone water cooler. With a standalone water dispenser, you have a large amount of extra space at the bottom where it falls below the water catcher. This is for the purpose to raise the height so you don’t need to bend over to grab a cup of refreshing cool water. But what if you had a bench already? Then you have the option to use the benchtop water cooler so that you can choose the height for yourself.


Having the benchtop variant allows for a lot more control over what your decor is. With the benchtop being able to be placed on any desk, table or flat surface you can match the design of the surrounds. Put simply, the benchtop variant allows you to keep the flow of the room/decor without having to sacrifice any efficiency or functionality.

Price Difference

With less total plastic and a more compact design that makes you wonder if you are paying less for the benchtop water coolers? You will be glad to hear that the benchtop water coolers are much cheaper to rent each month than the standalone water coolers. This isn’t a large difference but if you are planning to keep a water cooler for a long time than this difference will definitely add up over time.

The benchtops can range to being $40 less or even more a month depending on if you are choosing the ceramic option. The ceramic version is the same size if not smaller than the tabletop, cheaper than the bench variant but also can’t compete with the tabletop coolers in terms of cold water.

Renting yourself a benchtop water cooler will save you a lot of money for a long time but the standalone is great if you don’t have a location or just keeping one for a few months. Save yourself some money when you choose your water dispenser today.

How Much They Can Hold

Here’s a question that might surprise you. Considering the benchtop costs less and is overall smaller in size, do you think it would hold less water? Well, the answer is no, the water that the benchtop water coolers can hold is exactly the same as the standalone dispensers as they also use the same innovative technology.

This means that if you have previously owned a standalone water dispenser and have stockpiled some water containers you can easily convert over to the benchtop variants. Not only are you receiving the same functionality as a standalone water dispenser but you also save money, space and the hassle of carrying such a large product around.

There are many reasons why you would buy a standalone water dispenser but with how great the benchtop water coolers are, you can definitely see why they are a great choice.

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