Benefits of facial massages


Facial massages are something that you can do on your own or by a practitioner. Facial massage oak park il involves activating pressure points on the regions of the face, neck, and shoulders. During your facial massage you can choose either a lotion, or an oil and even a cleansing balm. On the market a lot of face massaging tools are available like a face roller or maybe a flat gua sha tool. These massages help in promoting healthy skin and also relaxing your facial muscles. There are plenty of techniques and you can make a choice depending on the purpose of your massage, be it for relaxation or training a specific condition.

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There are various types of facial massages like Lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish, remedial, acupressure, sinus, and gua sha. The common techniques used in facial massages are cupping, kneading with knuckles, effleurage, folding, jacquet pinching, vibrating and tapping. 

Benefits of Facial massage:

  • An hour facial massage once in a while can detoxify your skin. It helps you get healthy and squeaky clean skin by clearing up dirt, oil, blackheads and white heads from your skin.
  • As you feel tired, tension builds up in muscles, often around eyes and forehead, leading to wrinkles. Facial massages relaxes all the accumulated tension.

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  • As long as it is not infectious for acute sinusitis, massages can help in relieving sinus pressure, discomfort and congestion.
  • Face massage can help in reducing signs of aging.  it improves blood circulation leading to increased production of of collagen that builds skin structure
  •  Face massages increases skin elasticity  and make you look younger.
  • Regular treatment of facial massages can help in eliminating toxins, preventing the skin from sagging and it gives smooth texture in just a few weeks.
  • Plenty of research suggests that stimulating your facial muscles can help in tightening the skin, relieving size muscles and boost blood circulation.
  • Massaging the face regularly flushes out the toxins.  As pores get cleaner acne stays away.
  • As you massage your face frequently, as skin absorbs the skincare product better the efficacy of the products that you are using increases.
  • Massage increases blood flow to skin, making your skin brighter and in even tone. 

Facial massages are wonderful gifts to yourself to relax your facial muscles and to cleanse the skin. For beautiful skin, give yourself a massage for a quick 5 minutes daily, and seek a professional for a massage once in a while to have beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

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