Boost Metabolism With 4 Easy Steps


As long as your body’s metabolism is going strong and operating at a healthy speed, you can rest assured that you’re burning calories even while you’re at rest. But, if your metabolic rate is slower than it should be, you might start to notice that it becomes harder to lose weight, and you might also notice the number on the scale going up.

Thankfully, there are surprisingly simply steps that you can take to change your lifestyle for the better, and to get your metabolism revving. Check out the information below to learn more.

Metabolism Booters

  1. Hit the Gym to Lift Some Weights

One of the ways to get a natural metabolism boost is by lifting weights. That’s right, strength training should be incorporated into your exercise routine if you want to get your metabolic rate up, so don’t only focus on doing cardio workouts.

According to WebMD, individuals who have bigger muscles throughout their body end up having a higher resting metabolic rate, which means they’re burning more calories without having to put in any extra effort. Isn’t that amazing?!

  1. Choose Your Carbs Wisely

Carbohydrates are energizing, and they play an important role in a balanced, healthy diet. But, you need to be sure to choose nutritious, whole grain carbs, rather than refined, processed carbs, especially if you are hoping to increase your metabolism and keep it going strong.

How does this work? Well, whole grains are harder for your body to break down and digest. And, because your body will need to use up more energy during the digestion process, you will end up boosting your metabolism and burning more calories.

Here are some examples of satisfying, high-fiber whole grains:

  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat bread, pasta, etc.
  • Whole Barley
  • Buckwheat
  • Oatmeal
  • Sprouted grain bread
  • Quinoa
  1. Drink Water When You Wake Up

You know that drinking plenty of pure water throughout the day is important to keep your hydration level up, but did you know that water can also help keep your metabolic rate going strong, especially if you drink it in the morning?

Before having a cup of coffee to start your day, rehydrate your body with water. Your metabolic function will decrease while you’re sleeping, and your hydration will also fall. Therefore, by drinking some water first thing, you can begin giving your body the hydration that it needs, and you can also jumpstart your metabolism, rather than shocking your body with caffeine right away.

  1. Get More Z’s

Getting more sleep is yet another way to boost your metabolism. Sure, it sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but the truth is that, if you aren’t getting enough hours of shut-eye every night, your metabolic rate will slow down, along with your energy level.

How much more sleep do you need to get, though? Well, you can try by just getting an extra 30 minutes or so per night. See if this helps you feel better.

There are so many simple ways to change your daily lifestyle habits to increase your metabolism and keep the weight off. Give the tips above a try to see how they work for you.

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