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The heading of our site “Interesting People” was opened with an essay about Frank Medrano, one of the founders of the movement of fans of “street training”. The next story should rightly be devoted to Brandon Carter, a man who has 10 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and the development of nutrition systems for those who want to bring their physical fitness to the perfect absolute.


Brandon Carter was born in Southside – one of the most criminal areas of Chicago. Here, by the way, the future president Barack Obama was promoting his political career: the topic of dysfunctional African-American quarters in the early 2000s was a winning one at the election races .

But, apparently, it is no coincidence that Brandon’s twitter has one of the first places on the quote from Stephen King: “You can, you must, and if you have the courage to start, you will.”

Brandon Carter really “had the courage”: he escaped from the Chicago ghetto and made an outstanding professional and sports career. He graduated from the famed Business School at Howard University in Washington, and currently works as marketing director for B&B Sport Nutrition selling anabolic steroids in Australia online store at the best prices


It is no coincidence that until very recently, the terms Street Workout and Ghetto Workout were almost synonymous. The guys from the “black quarters” have done quite a lot for the development of a new sport. Obviously, youthful experience became the basis for the training and nutrition system that turned Brandon Carter into not only a model for the world’s leading sports brands: Adidas, Puma, Nike and many others, but also a fitness trainer of famous artists , models and professional athletes.

With a height of 188 cm, Brandon Carter weighs 80 kg and his figure is estimated by experts of American sports magazines as “unrivaled ideal.”

But the main fame for Brandon Carter brought literary work. He summarized his experience in Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets To Burn Fast As Hell. This publication instantly became a bestseller and sold in millions of copies.

And if we do not reveal in these notes all the secrets of training from Brandon Carter, then only because they are, in essence, set forth in this book. And American femida tends to interpret even free retelling of such informative texts as an attempt on copyright.

In any case, you can refer to Brandon’s personal website and choose the option of reducing weight and gaining a slender and proportional figure that suits you as much as possible. And for the price including: “a celebrity trainer in touch 24 hours 7 days a week.”


Brandon Carter is a very versatile person. He is not only a trainer, model and writer, but also a musician, an excellent guitar player. Prefers hip hop and urban genres. Collaborates with New York-based HNIC Media Recording Studio.

By the way, in some social networks Brandon Carter is easier to find as a musician, and not as an athlete and fitness trainer.

Brandon Carter currently resides in New York. His girlfriend is one of the most charming women in this city.

Any attempts to find at least something that could discredit him are meaningless. At one time, information about his passion for online gambling slipped in the tabloids. But it turned out that the profile in the directory on the regulars of the virtual gaming rooms of The Hendon Mob does not belong to him, but to the British namesake and namesake – indeed, a fairly well-known poker player.

Our Brandon Carter has nothing to do with gambling and completely devotes himself to work, sports, music and a beloved woman.

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