Can Movement Help The Science Behind Physical Therapy


A lot of things happen in people’s bodies when they exercise. It is not just the muscle that gets a workout. Every system in the body improves because of this physical activity. Physical therapists or PT professionals make the most out of these significant changes. These experts provide movement-based care for different conditions. This article will take a closer look at how PT came about.

It will also explain where patients might find professionals, as well as the types with which they can help. It will also describe how the movement can help people’s bodies. According to recent studies, the public is now moving in a healthier direction.

Everything you need to know.

Individuals have been exercising for many years. But PT (also known as physiotherapy) only become an actual profession in the early 1800s. Patients were given a series of massages, exercises, and adjustments. Past world wars and pandemics, times when a lot of individuals are injured or ill, created tons of opportunities for this industry to advance quickly.

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More studies are being done each year, and PT is now being used in various ways to improve people’s quality of life. The public expects that this industry will keep changing in the near future. For instance, the public is accessing PT more through the Internet (or World Wide Web) because of the pandemic bought upon by the recent virus scare. Although they are called PT professionals, these experts also care about the public’s health when it comes to their emotions, relationships, and thinking. It is because scientists know how much these things are connected.

What types of health conditions do these experts treat?

People can do PT in different places (gyms, hospitals, or homes). There are three common kinds of conditions in which these experts are an integral part of the process. First, these professionals see patients who have musculoskeletal issues like injuries to joints and muscles.

Patients may have seen these experts run onto the field during a match to help players who are injured, or they have heard about people going to the PT clinic. Studies discovered that there are benefits to active treatments involving regular exercise.

These activities can help in the natural healing process of the body. Moving, as well as putting weight on joints like the ankles or knees, can spread around the synovial fluid. These are liquids in our joints that provide nutrients as well as help our joints absorb forces and move smoothly.

For individuals with issues like musculoskeletal conditions, treatments can strengthen muscles, improve balance, improve running and walking, and help with the patient’s coordination. Next, PT treats and measure individuals with cardiorespiratory issues, which are health conditions that can affect the lungs and heart. Some of these conditions are inborn, such as (CF) cystic fibrosis, and some are pains that can last for a very long time. For instance, chronic pains are pains that can last for more than three months, like an illness called COPD, in which patients will have difficulty in breathing. These things may also be short-term, such as lung infections or influenza.

Studies have shown that treatments involving exercise and movement make a significant difference for individuals with cardiorespiratory health conditions. These treatments can help oxygen traverse our body, strengthen the lungs and heart, and clear out mucus. Lastly, this treatment method has both long- and short-term benefits for individuals with neurological issues.

These are health conditions that can affect how the brain and nerves (neural system) control and connect other parts of our body. These conditions might cause legs or arms to move slowly or to be jumpier than normal. For individuals with this kind of health problem, active treatment can improve or maintain muscle strength, help with balance, improve running and walking, as well as improve coordination.

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What do these experts do?

Aside from these primary areas mentioned above, there are other areas that therapists can focus on. They can also work with animals alongside veterinarians; some work with older individuals, and children, some work in amusement parks, and some work in offices. A lot of these therapists are known for their roles in professional sports teams.

People may have seen them on TV during events (World Cups or Olympic games). Other therapists work with men or women, and some specialize in certain situations or conditions, like pain management, cancer, terminal illness, recovery after serious surgery, or mental illness.

Some work in clinics (health care facilities), and still others work with individuals challenged with various disabilities. Some therapists don’t work with patients directly, but they help out indirectly as teachers or researchers or in various organizations, business jobs, and leadership.

Movement: Can it be used as a medicine?

Like various medicines are used to treat illnesses, PT can also differ depending on what is going on with each individual. Physical therapy is usually designed for each patient. It is imperative since everyone is different when it comes to their motivation, goals, expectations, and what it can do to the body.

That is why a generalized (“One-Size-Fits-All”) approach to this kind of activity makes zero sense at all. Slow movements in public amusement parks and pools may be best for some individuals with some diseases and health conditions. For people in certain situations, it may be best to do intense exercise that will make them breathe and sweat harder.

Aside from helping the public from injury and illness, they can help individuals prevent possible problems in the near future. Researchers have found that regular exercise can help prevent a lot of health issues (chronic pain, heart attacks, the feeling of stress and sadness, and falls). Intense exercise that makes us breathe and sweat harder during their early or teen years is pretty imperative since it can increase the strength of their bones as well as minimize people’s chances of bone breaks and osteoporosis when they get older.

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