Dark Eye Circles Treatment in Singapore: How Do They Work?


Dark eye circles can be a frustrating problem to deal with, as they can make you look tired and older than you actually are. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, age, lifestyle habits and skin conditions. Typically, dark eye circles are the result of thinning skin around the eyes that allow blood vessels beneath the surface to show through.

Other causes include dehydration and fatigue from lack of sleep or stress. Allergies can also cause dark eye circles, as the area can become inflamed and discolored from rubbing or scratching.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. The dark eye circles treatment in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular, due to the various methods employed by different clinics. Depending on the severity of your issue and your skin type, there are a variety of treatments available for you to choose from.

Sunekos Eye Treatment

Dark eye circles treatment in Singapore involves Sunekos Eye Treatment. This treatment uses natural extracts to help improve the skin’s texture, tone and hydration around the eyes.  It works by encouraging the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen production in targeted areas, while also providing essential nutrients such as amino acids and minerals.

Sunekos Eye Treatment also contains natural antioxidants that can help protect the delicate skin around the eyes from environmental factors such as sun damage, pollution and stress.  Through its combination of hydration and nutrients, this treatment helps to reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

It is also highly effective at reducing the effects of aging, resulting in a more youthful appearance.  For best results, Sunekos Eye Treatment should be used regularly as part of an overall skincare routine. With proper application and regular use, this treatment can help to achieve a more radiant complexion free from dark eye circles

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most popular treatments for dark eye circles in Singapore. Laser energy stimulates and remodels collagen, which is a key factor in getting rid of dark eye circles.

It can be customized to target specific areas around the eyes while avoiding healthy surrounding tissue. The procedure works by focusing high-energy light on targeted areas, which causes the tissue to heat up and break down. This initiates the healing process, resulting in smoother and brighter skin around the eyes.

Laser skin resurfacing can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines that appear in the eye area, making it an effective treatment for dark circles. The results are usually seen after about 4-6 treatments, depending on the severity of the dark circles. Laser skin resurfacing is a safe and effective treatment for dark eye circles, with minimal risks or side effects.

Under Eye Fillers

Dark eye circles treatment in Singapore also comes in the forms of under eye fillers. These fillers are injected via a needle directly into the area below the eyes and help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Under Eye Fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in our skin that helps to absorb moisture and give the skin a hydrated look. Under

Eye Fillers also contain collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help to improve skin elasticity and give the appearance of smoother and firmer skin. Under Eye Fillers work by filling in dark circles and puffiness, as well as plumping up any fine lines or wrinkles. The effects of fillers are usually visible immediately after the injection and can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

It is important to note that fillers are not a permanent solution for dark eye circles, as they will eventually wear off with time. However, they can be used in combination with other treatments such as peels or laser treatments for a more long-lasting solution.

Topical Creams

Topical creams are one of the most common treatments used to treat dark eye circles in Singapore. Topical creams can help lighten the skin under your eyes and reduce discoloration. They contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, kojic acid and vitamin C that can reduce puffiness around your eyes and lessen pigmentation from dark eye circles.

Many creams also contain antioxidants like retinol and resveratrol that can help to improve your skin’s overall health. Topical creams should be applied twice daily for best results, with a light massage to increase absorption. To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to first do a patch test before using the cream on your entire face.

Topical creams can take a few weeks to show results, but with regular use, you should be able to achieve much lighter and brighter under-eye skin.


In each case, a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will recommend an appropriate treatment based on your specific needs. The cost of each treatment can vary greatly depending on the severity of your dark circles and the type of procedure chosen.

Before beginning any treatment, it is important to discuss your options carefully with a licensed medical professional in order to ensure that you are receiving the most effective solution for your particular situation. With the right care, dark circles can be reduced, resulting in a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

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