Do Pain Killers Cause Back Pain?


Almost all of us have experienced pain in our lives. Pain can be irritating. It is the way in which our bodies indicate us that something has been wrong with it and it needs to be fixed. When we break a leg or cut our fingers, we have pain in the wounded spot on our body. 

However, things can be different when it’s about chronic pain. It’s the type of pain that we experience even though we have no injury within our body. It can last for months after months up to years. Many people start consuming pain killers or opioids to reduce chronic. They have no idea that the cure for chronic does not come in pills. It can eventually worsen the pain instead. Here are five reasons why pain killers can cause back pain. 


1. Painkillers gradually increase the pain

Painkillers can only get you relieved from the pain if the pain happens by any surgery or injury. Many people take pills for granted forever. They keep taking the pills over the years and consider this is the only remedy. When you take painkillers for a long time, it will make your body less effective to the pills afterwards. It likewise destroys the natural opioids that you have inside your body. As a result, your body becomes unable to reduce the pain and you start having the pain even more. 

2. Painkillers can cause emotional pain and back pain

Pain is a combination of both physical pain and emotional pain. Most of us have experienced emotional pain. Emotional pain has the same impact on the brain as well as the physical pain. When people use painkillers for physical pain, it can cover up the emotional pain at the same time. And when they cut back on the painkillers, the emotional pain and suffering may increase. It can lead us to back pain as the pain is interlinked with the overall health. 

3. Painkillers do not make us flexible

There are many people who become disabled due to some injury. This is because they are not enough resilient to cope with the injury. Painkillers do not have anything to do with our resilience or flexibility. We can diminish the pain by taking painkillers but that is not the permanent solution. In fact, diminishing the pain with painkillers can lead us to another back pain in the upcoming days. They eventually make us prone to anxiety if we keep taking them for an extended period. 


Back pain can be irritating. To get rid of this, we have to make sure that we engage with daily physical activities. Low circulation can be another reason for back pain. If you click here, you will redirect to products that can support you to do your works while having a bac pain. However, it is always better to consult a doctor if the pain becomes chronic and severe. So that you can be sure which exercises you need to perform and what products you need to use.

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