Does fat freezing or fat-melting treatments really work?


Removal of fat can be sometimes hard despite good dieting and exercise regimes. Some people have a genetic predisposition for fat tissue deposition at area such as central tummy, buttock and under the arm where it is most difficult to shed. With the advancement in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, now it getting easier for people to finally sculpt and remove those extra fats from their body to their desired way. 

There are plenty of methods to sculpt the body and remove the excess fats such as liposuction, liposculpture, fat-freezing and fat-melting procedures. The latter two methods are non-surgical methods which we will discuss further below. 

What are the differences between fat-freezing and fat-melting treatments?

Fat-freezing or also known as cool sculpting or freeze sculpting is a treatment which a fatty layer or deposit is cooled to such a low temperature to induce the death of the fatty tissue. This process enables the body to clear the dead fatty cells/tissue and hence removing the fatty layer from the area. 

Common areas treated with this treatment are for example the belly area, underarm and the thigh. The treatment can remove unwanted fats as effective as 40% with the result can be seen as quickly as within 3 weeks. Most people, however, will see dramatic results by two months after the treatment. 

Fat-freezing may be uncomfortable to some people as the application of the cooling probe together with stretching of the skin during the procedure may leave side effects such as bruising, swelling, cramping or tingling sensation during or post-treatment. Not all people can opt for this treatment as some medical conditions may prevent a person to undergo this treatment. People with cryoglobulinemia or with cold agglutinin disease cannot undergo such procedure due to risk that may involve their disease during or after the treatment. 

Fat-melting treatment also known as mesolipo injection, on the other hand, is completely different method of removing excess fats from the body. The principle of this treatment is to inject a solution containing soy lecithin and fat-digesting enzymes at a specific area of fat deposition. This resulted in the digestion of the fatty tissue by the enzymes and later removed by the body. 

The treatment can remove fats at areas such as the buttock, belly area and back fat. A person may need up to 3-4 treatment with resting week intervals between each treatment for the best outcome. The injection may be a slight pain as it involves a needle piercing the skin and into the fatty tissue. 

There are several post-treatment steps that the patient has to follow to optimise the result of the treatment such as massaging the area of the injection daily, drink plenty of water and controlling the diets. 

Both fat-melting and fat-freezing methods are proven safe and efficacious in treating the excess fat around the body. As with other weight loss and fat removal methods, consistent good diet and exercise before and after the treatments are needed not only to maintain the result but also to better shape the body contour. 

Popular fat-melting treatment such as the mesolipo injections by Mediviron is now available in areas such as Kuala Lumpur. Consult an experienced aesthetician now for further inquiry regarding treatment option. 


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