What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is the limitation of calorie intake.

HCG a hormone that the female body produces during pregnancy to develop embryo and fetus. Sometimes doctors recommend HCG injections for fertility issue in women and hormonal problems. It became known in the 50s. 

What the HCG diet involves

Grilled skinless chicken

People on the HCG diet can eat skinless chicken breasts.

People who abide by the HCG diet basically restrict their calorie intake to around 500 a day. They also take HCG shots, HCG drops or sprays. These diet products are on OTC and producer sell them as being “homoeopathic.”

Most people on the diet eat two meals a day, mostly lunch and dinner. Each meal consists of:

A source of protein, a vegetable, a fruit, a slice bread, such as a single breadstick

Examples of food options include apples, asparagus, a handful of berries, celery, skinless chicken breast, cucumbers, half a grapefruit, lean ground beef, melba toast, onions, sliced turkey, spinach and other leafy, greens, tomatoes, whitefish etc. 

Those following the diet can drink a huge quantity of water, tea, and coffee, and they may use sugar replacement. 

Food not to eat on  the HCG diet include: butter, dried  fish, fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, nuts, oils, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, sugar

There are lots of diverse facets of the HCG diet:

Facet 1. During this stage, a person can take in a lot, to form up calories and fats. They also take HCG supplements. Phase 1usually lasts for 2 days.

Facet 2. This phase involves continuing with the supplements and limiting calorie consumption to 500 a day. People can stay in this phase for 3 to 6 weeks.

Phase 3. During this phase, people don’t continue the supplements and then increase their food intake.

Some doctors recommend HCG for unapproved weight-loss reasons. Those who face side effects from following the HCG diet or buying HCG supplements should see their doctor instantly.


To buy HCG diet consists of the use of hormone supplements and lots of calorie limitations to help weight loss. However, there is no study to dispute this diet being either safe or effective.

In the U.S., HCG is a recommendation only drug and companies that market HCG products for weight loss are going against the law.

While people who buy HCG diet may lose weight at first, this seems to be mainly because of the severe calorie limitations, rather than the effects of the hormone. Taking just 500 calories per day is not sustainable or healthy, and it can cause serious adverse effects so you must use HCG diet on the doctor’s prescription.

People who want to lose weight should speak to a doctor or dietician for advice and information. Usually, health care professionals prescribe Lessing calorie intake to 1,200 to 1,800 calories in a day and ensuring significant increase in physical activity. 

However, these measures may not be suitable for everyone, so it is important that people talk to a professional before making important dietary or lifestyle changes.


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