Essential Vitamins & Minerals Your Diet Must Have


To function properly, your body requires some essential vitamins and minerals. Since our body can not produce all of them on its own, it relies on the food we eat for the same. Hence, it becomes important that we know all of them and ensures that our meal includes it. To get a perfect diet according to your body and which contains all these essentials, you shall prefer the professional dietitians in Melbourne. Below discussed are some of the most essential vitamins and minerals that your diet must have:


  • Soluble Vitamins:


Our body has different parts that perform their different functions. All these should take place in a proper manner to ensure that you are healthy. For that, these body parts require a number of soluble vitamins. Even though you do not require to have all of them in your on a regular basis, but still you should have them in a regular interval of time. These soluble vitamins are mainly found in seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is why it is said to eat fruits and vegetables regularly in a good amount. This also builds up your immunity. 


  • Calcium:


We all know that our body has a particular shape as well as posture due to the framework of the bones. These bones require to develop as well as to maintain in order to be strong. Calcium is responsible for giving the required strength to the bones. Therefore, to make sure that the bones are in a good condition presently as well as in the future years, you should have a good calcium intake. Milk and other dairy products are a rich and easy source of calcium. That is why it is suggested to have some daily products in your meal at least once a day. 


  • Proteins:


To provide you the physical strength and to ensure that you are able to perform basic physical work, you should have a good intake of proteins. They are responsible for building your muscles and also they look after the wear and tear of your muscles. Moreover, the growth and quality of your hair can also be enhanced with protein. The best source of proteins is green leafy vegetables and fishes. They must be included often in your meals so that your body is protein-rich and is able to provide you the required strength. 


  • Minerals:


For your physical as well as mental development of the body, you require a number of essential minerals. One of the most important minerals is potassium as well as magnesium. These minerals are highly important to keep your heart in good condition. It also keeps your blood flow regulated and maintains the quality of your blood as well. Also, the hormones secreted by several glands are enhanced by these minerals. This implies that minerals perform a number of important functions in your body. Hence, the source of these minerals is meat, cereals, fruits, and vegetables and you must involve all of this in your regular diet. 

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