Festive Season Means You Need To Train Harder, Not Less


The Christmas period is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but it is also one of the difficult times to stay fit and healthy. Christmas isn’t always so kind on our waistlines.

During the festivals, you get to indulge in family time, good food, and lots of fun. And it is tempting to sideline your workouts with the promise to start again after the festival. Once you stop working out, de-training occurs, and even the best gym in Bondi cannot save you.

So it’s better to keep working out even though it is a small session instead of stopping altogether.Workout can be a valuable tool to get you through the weight gain of the holiday season. Here are the reasons why you should train harder but not less during festive season:

Holiday Weight Gain

Christmas is a beautiful but busy time, full of family, eating delicious meals, and having drinks. Gaining weight at this time is natural; we eat without boundaries and worries.Consuming more food and indulging in one too many festive cocktails can have a negative impact on our waistlines.

Working out combat this by maintaining muscle mass and burning calories. Exercise can also sustain the metabolic rate and will keep you energized while you do all the work.

Holiday Stress

The festive season can be quite stressing, shopping for yourself, buying presents, preparation of foods and desserts, frequent guests, and managing finances may lead to increased hormones.

Exercise promotes the release of multiple hormones that improve the mood and also reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.


When the weather changes, for many people, this leads tovarying degrees of seasonal depression. Changes to diet, activity levels, and sleep patterns can all contribute to poorer mental health.

Exercise can elevate mood and also reduce the symptoms of depression. Working out in sunlight exposure offers additional benefits.

Exercise Provides Structure to your Day

One of the significant causes of stress, depression, and weight gain is the reduction in structure with the everyday schedule. Maintaining your workout schedule provides structure to your day.

The routine helps you to stay on track with the food you eat, sleep maintenance, and provides a framework of your task so that you can prioritize the demands of the festive season.

Exercise Tip’s for keeping active this Christmas

Exercise in the morning

Get up early in the morning and workout before anything else occupies you. Working out before the festivities kicking off will help you avoid the temptation to ditch your workout.

Move whenever you can                                                                   

You don’t need to separate hours to do a workout. Do shorter and more frequent bursts of exercise like F45 Training to make most of your time.

Incidental exercise is the key

Work out does not always have to be structured. Little incidental exercises will work. Shake your legs while you bake, take stairs instead of the lift, walk to the nearby store, and take your dog to the walk, every little thing count.

Involve your family

Christmas is all about family time, so how about getting involved in activities with your family. You can swim, play cricket in the backyard or go for a short hike. After all, it is all about spending time with your loved ones.


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