Finer Choices for the Laser Hair Removal


Do not have to think about waxing, a desire that tempts many women. Laser hair removal, also called permanent hair removal, seems the ultimate solution to permanently get rid of all unsightly hair. But before you start, it is useful to know a little more about this technique and its promises.

No offense to Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna or Gigi Hadid who is staged with hair under the arms, most women yet dream of getting rid of all their hair permanently. Become popular, laser hair removal is expensive but often profitable provided you know a good address and some tips. In case of the laser hair removal this is important.

Laser hair removal, how does it work?

The laser is used here for its ability to focus heat on a specific point, in this case the root and stem cells of the hair. Under the effect of heat, the hair will be destroyed permanently. The laser works only on black hairs, its effectiveness is less proven on light hairs and downs even if some brands promise specific models. The darker the hair, the better the laser will work. It is better to wait until puberty has passed before starting.

When is it better to do laser hair removal?

The ideal season for laser hair removal is winter, when the skin is no longer tanned and is very light. Indeed, the doctor can apply a stronger intensity for the laser. Efficiency is enhanced and it will take fewer sessions to achieve an excellent result. And it is imperative to avoid the sun the following month at the risk of having tasks appear.

How to prepare before laser hair removal?

For a month before the first appointment for a laser hair removal, you have to keep all your hair. Banish epilators, tweezers, depilatory creams and wax. The day before the first session, shave the area concerned. The laser works only on very short hairs just out.

Which parts of the body can be laser depilated?

Laser hair removal can be performed as conventional hair removal, on all areas of the body, except on the hands, feet, ears, nose and the area between the eyebrows – because of the risk to the eyes. The results are very good on the jersey, underarms and legs for women who have very black hair.

Is laser hair removal painful?

It all depends on people, it’s very nice, but it’s bearable. If you are cozy or if your hair is thick, do not hesitate to apply, an hour to an hour and a half before the session, an anesthetic cream. A healing cream can be applied next.

How is a laser hair removal session?

During the first appointment, the dermatologist examines you to determine if the laser hair removal will be effective for you and if there are any contraindications that would prevent you from making a permanent hair removal. He explains the progress of the treatment and draws up an estimate. During actual hair removal sessions, your eyes and those of the doctor are protected by specific glasses. The practitioner applies a kind of stylet on the area to be depilated, at the end of which is the laser. The device beeps when it flashes and the blower makes a little noise. It takes half an hour to wax one leg.

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