First aid and the law


We tell you not to rescue or provide first aid, but only when your life or health is at risk. This is the only exception and the only situation when we may not provide first aid. In any other case – act! If you are a driver, take führerschein erste hilfe kurs münchen and in other cities of the country.

It is your legal duty to help

Each driver can witness an event in which someone will need first aid. Whether on the road, when parked in a parking lot, or simply in everyday life. Also, most of us think that this type of activity requires some superpowers and appropriate qualifications? Nothing could be more wrong.

The matter is very simple! It is enough to know how to properly provide first aid, and a little practice gained in erste hilfe kurs in münchen. Later, do some practice again, and when it’s time we’ll be ready to go! The worst possible option is to pass indifferently and not react. 

There is no derogation from this obligation unless the conditions in which we will potentially have to act do not allow it. The subject of first aid is determined by legal acts and individual provisions that impose this obligation on you, and for non-compliance with them. Failure to provide first aid may result in a term of imprisonment of up to 3 years. 

Act on the State Emergency Medical Services

Whoever notices a person or persons in a state of sudden health emergency or witnesses an event causing such a state, is obliged to immediately take action to effectively notify about this event to entities legally appointed to help people in a state of sudden health threat. Any driver is obliged to help the injured person by applying the knowledge acquired in erste hilfe kurs.

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