Get Rid Of Macular Degeneration


The macular degeneration is a chronic eye disease that will affect the macula and causes diminished central vision. Because the macula is the mid part of the retina which is responsible for visual acuity. If you are affected by this, Then follow our sections, we are going to provide information about macular degeneration and how to protect ourselves from it.

Main Causes of macular degeneration

The macular degeneration is typically associated with the normal aging process. Here some of the following things are listed below: 

  • Dyslipidemia: It is an abnormal amount of lipids such as cholesterol, fat phospholipids, and triglycerides. During the blood lipid level too high or low, there occurs a problem of dyslipidemia.
  • Hypertension: Normally defined as high blood pressure, which will increase the complication and risk of heart disease, stroke, etc. 
  • Smoking habit: It may happen due to the smoking habit. This will expose you to dangerous free radicals, unstable molecules that can cause cellular damage. 
  • Cardiovascular disease: Having cardiovascular disease will also be one of the reasons for macular degeneration illness. 
  • Family history: Among your relatives and families, if anyone is affected by AMD. There exists a chance that you may be affected by macular degeneration.

Categories of macular degeneration 

Macular degeneration usually disturbs people over 50 years of age. Age-related macular degeneration is spitting into two types they are: 

Dry AMD: This one develops gradually and immediately it doesn’t cause vision loss or distortion. During the RPE cells die the retinal cells, which create small white or yellowish deposits called drusen will form on the retina beneath the macula. 

Wet AMD: Approximately most of the cases could be severe vision loss from the disease. Need more attention, before the loss of vision. The presence of abnormal blood vessels under the retina began to grow towards the macula. Because these blood vessels are abnormal, tend to break, bleed and lead fluid will damage the macula. 

How to prevent macular degeneration? 


  • Intake of a nutritious diet


A heart-healthy diet rich in antioxidants can improve your eye vision. Eat leafy vegetables and fruits that are high in lutein, spinach, kale, and other green veggies. Nutrients will help to protect against cellular damage from radicals, which can produce an eye disease.


  • Regular medication and exercise


If you are having a habit of medication, helping to manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Managing the heart functions and can reduce your risk of macular degeneration. The physical activities will boost your metabolism and stay healthy. 


  • Wear sunglasses


Have protection from ultraviolet and blue light that can cause retinal damage from exposure to the sun. So, wearing sunglasses will protect you from UVA rays, wherever you go outdoors, kindly wear this.


  • Test yourself at home


The Amsler grid is a tool that will help you to detect vision problems related to macular damage. This process of testing at the paper grid, you can notice that the central part of your site in one eye has become darker on the grid lines. Once you notice it, then make an appointment with your doctor.


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