Go Drug-Free in Your Choice of Hair Care Products 


If drug store haircare hauls are taking up all your shelf-space in the bathroom filling it up with sundry chemical products that are doing more harm than good to your hair, it’s time to stop bringing them in. Say no to drug-based hair products and go chemical-free. 

Crossing over to the all-natural side is not an easy thing, especially when you have been always relied on chemical products for your hair care. But, all the same, it is not as daunting as it seems at this point, once you get started down that road. A little push or in some cases, a bad experience is all it takes to correct one’s course.

Make small changes every day and let the rewards encourage you to push forward.

Careful What You Put on Your Scalp

Did you know that the skin on your scalp is the most absorbent in your whole body? This means whatever you put on your scalp can break through the skin barrier and seep into the bloodstream. That alone makes chemical exposure a prohibitive thing to do. The reason that natural products like a biotin shampoo for hair growth make the best fit for everyone is because first off, they are chemical free, and second, they contain ingredients that are already present in the scalp and hair. These products supply an additional dose of vital hair proteins that keep the hair thick and lustrous.  

Chemicals could be Secretly Ruining Your Hair 

Chemical hair products contain all kinds of toxic substances that enter the body through skin and nose. Sulfates and phthalates present in shampoos can get inhaled into the lungs during use. Pharmacy products can also damage the hair irreversibly. When the medicine metabolizes the body salt, the process damages the hair that can be very hard to undo. These are also chemical products that leave behind lots of residue which over time blocks hair pores turning them sterile. The residue may also irritate the skin causing itchy scalp. A biotin DHT blocker spray helps with deterring hair loss.

Over-Processing Can Ruin Your Hair

Styling products like anti-frizz shampoos, leave-in conditioners, relaxers, hair colors, etc., carry toxic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and similar kinds of endocrine disrupters that trigger asthma, not to mention damage hair permanently. A great alternate is the best biotin conditioner which is chemical-free and organic. 

Neutralize the Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of using chemical products is immense. If you are wondering how a bottle of shampoo that you use in your hair can contribute to the degradation of the environment, here is an explanation. Toxic products that wash out of the domestic drains end up in the municipal wastewater, which, as you know, is released in natural water bodies like the lakes and rivers nearby. This kind of water pollution results in freshwater toxicity and depletion of water resource, aside from contributing to climate change and fossil and mineral resource depletion. 

So, throw out all your chemical hairsprays today and bring home natural products like a biotin hair spray

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