Greater Supports for the Right Mattress Topper


We spend about 25 years of our lives in the bedroom. Many people therefore pay extra attention to the materials used. In the bedroom we want the air to be as clean and healthy as possible. With natural sleep, many people already experience fantastic lying comfort and a good, healthy night’s sleep. Use of the natural mattress topper  happens to be essential now.

Advantage Top Mattress With Natural Materials:

A top mattress made of natural materials such as natural latex, horsehair and wool has unique and pleasant sleeping characteristics.

  • It ventilates extremely well. You always sleep dry and comfortable.
  • You no longer suffer from an annoying middle seam.
  • Because your mattress is protected, since you are on top, the mattress can last much longer than the average lifespan.

With A Top Mattress Made Of Natural Materials You Prevent Excessive Sweating At Night

For a good and undisturbed night’s sleep, it is important that you maintain a constant body temperature during sleep. The combination of mattress, comforter and pillow regulates this heat. The choice of a mattress or mattress topper made of natural materials guarantees good ventilation and thus a constant and pleasant sleeping temperature. So you sleep dry and comfortable every night. Even in the most balmy summer night.

Compare it to wearing cotton (natural) versus synthetic (plastic) t-shirt on a warm summer day. A cotton t-shirt always breathes with you, whatever you do. 

Top Mattress With Ecological And Biological Materials

Natural eco materials such as natural latex, organic cotton, organic virgin wool, soft merino wool, organic flax, camel hair and horsehair.

Natural materials the benefits:

  • pressure reducing
  • sustainable in use
  • anti-allergenic
  • moisture regulating and breathable
  • hygienic
  • often even washable

Natural Materials:

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural vegetable material that has been grown in cotton plantations for hundreds of years. The cotton plant thrives in tropical and subtropical climates, requires high soil and air humidity, as well as strong sun rays.

The high cellulose content and the fine structure make cotton particularly skin-friendly. Ideal for very many purposes and in particular for allergy complaints. The cotton in mattresses provides good moisture-regulating power, resistance power, breathability and light maintenance, making cotton a very high-quality material. These are all features that ensure excellent comfort.

Organic Wool

The incomparable properties of wool, such as heat conductivity, firmness, fineness, resilience, elasticity and in particular moisture management, make them a high-quality and irreplaceable raw material.

Wool absorbs up to a third of its net weight in moisture, without feeling wet and losing its other properties. Wool naturally has an even air distribution. Wool attracts positively charged particles. Our skin is negatively charged and therefore attracts positive ions; wool absorbs and neutralizes these ions. That is a big advantage for a healthy sleeping space.

It opts for organic wool. Organic wool has several advantages. The sheep don’t get a bath with chemicals, and we don’t get chemicals in bed, and antibiotic use is greatly reduced. Wool is exceptional in its properties. It even neutralizes hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. In the article ‘ Wool and its cleaning power ‘ we write much more about the exceptional properties of wool.

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