Health Insurance You Can Trust


Lifestyle diseases and medical expenses have seen a great spurt in the last few years. A medical emergency can strike anytime, anywhere and cause emotional and financial distress. Financial experts suggest that you must invest in a health insurance plan early in life. Health insurance policies offer annual health checkups which encourage health awareness. 

All residents of Australia have access to Medicare yet most people invest in private health insurance. Private health insurance gives you more control over your health care, choice of the service and the choice of the doctor. 

You can avoid waiting times for elective surgery, choose your own specialist or hospital and have the option of a better room, better care and services. Private health insurance plans also cover services such as dental work, optical care, physiotherapy and so on. 

When must you buy Health Insurance? 

Buying health insurance early on in life lets you enjoy full benefits when you need. A young age ensures that there aren’t any pre-existing diseases, and any diseases diagnosed later will be covered automatically. Buying health insurance policy at a young age means better financial sense as you have to pay fewer premiums. 

If you haven’t researched properly you may be paying high premium or are not covered for procedures you may need. If you decide to buy health insurance policy, make sure that you are getting the best deal. Take note of what is excluded. 

If you are thinking of starting a family, you may want to confirm whether obstetrics care is covered or not. For older people, procedures like hip replacements and cataract removal must be covered. Some people have genetic diseases running strongly in their families; they must make sure to get a cover for those diseases. 

Compare Health Insurance Policy before Buying

There are many different policies available in the market. You must compare them in detail and not think about only buying cheaper policies as they may not be value for money. Review your policy every year as your needs may change. Understand your health care needs by speaking to your doctor. Ensure that you select the right policy. 

While the type of policies will depend on your individual requirement and circumstances, you will still have many policies to choose from. It can be difficult to compare as each policy is different but there are online sites that can help.

Choosing the right insurance policy with iSelect is easy as they have trained experts to compare policies from various partnered companies. They have a simple guide to a four-tiered insurance system- Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This clearly mentions what each tier policy will cover. This will prevent confusion as you can clearly understand what is included in each tier policy.

This will make comparing health insurance policies extremely easy. iSelect has experts who provide instant free quotes once you enter your details. If you want to switch your policy iSelect will handle that for you too.

Take the important step of insuring yourself and your family. Study iSelect’s detailed health insurance plan comparison and buy the best health plan at the right price. 


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