Help your child with the right autism treatment.


There are many things parents can do to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to overcome their challenges. Read on to know how you can help your child with the right autism treatment.

Treatment options for autism

When it comes to exploring the treatment options for autism, there is a dizzying range of therapies. Some autism therapies focus on reducing problematic behaviours and building communication and social skills. Other therapies deal with sensory integration problems, motor skills, emotional issues, and food sensitivities.

Listed below are the treatment options.


  • Behaviour and communication therapies


The behaviour and communication therapies address the range of social, language and behavioural difficulties associated with an ASD. These therapies also focus on reducing problem behaviours and teaching new skills. Furthermore, these therapies focus on teaching children how to act in social situations or communicate better with others. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) can help children learn new skills and generalize these skills in multiple situations through a reward-based motivation system.


  • Educational therapies


Children with ASD often respond well to educational therapies. Successful therapies typically include a team of specialists and a variety of activities to improve social skills, communication and behaviour. Preschool children who receive intensive, individualized behavioural interventions often show good progress.


  • Family therapies


Parents and other family members can learn how to play and interact with their children in ways that promote social interaction skills, manage problem behaviours, and teach daily living skills and communication.


  • Other therapies


Depending upon your child’s needs, speech therapy is available to improve communication skills, occupational therapy is available to teach activities of daily living, and physical therapy is available to improve movement and balance.

Side effects and limitations of conventional treatment

Clinicians recommend a host of interventions, including diet, nutritional supplements, behavioural and auditory therapies, osteopathy, etc. Most treatments focus on the myriad autism symptoms (e.g., gut problems), rather than treating the underlying cause of the disease. 

It is observed that increased appetite and weight gain are associated with the antipsychotic medicines used to treat autism-related irritability. So the family needs to make a commitment to diet and exercise. This is no small undertaking. It can be particularly problematic if you have been using food as a reward. Now your child is greedy and does not understand why you are withholding a reward. A possible side effect related to weight gain is increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cholesterol problems. Another side effect relates to how it increases the body’s production of the hormone prolactin. This can interfere with your child’s bone-building and cause breast swelling.

Treatment requires careful case management skills. What often compromises treatment outcomes are extreme anxiety, desperation, and dysfunctional elements in families of having an autistic child. This is because of the stress and financial pressures emerging from the intricate state. Annoyance with treatment is also a factor that actually works against parental expectations and other realities.

Benefits of taking homeopathic autism treatment for your child

Homeopathy is a comparatively new mode of healing mediation in the treatment of autism and its merits remain outside of the realm of the general population. Homeopathy works well to correct the autistic child’s emphasized state of sensitivity. It helps to improve their fine motor skills as well as enhance their perceptual problems. Above all, homeopathy treatment is free of any side effects. Also, homeopathic medicine is non-addictive.


To summarize, there are a whole lot of things you want to do before you even think about using medicines to treat behavioural problems. You definitely don’t have to use conventional medicine and risk side effects. Book an appointment with your homeopath to identify and address your child’s problems.

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