How safe it is to vapeevery day? Beginners guide


If you have thought about switching to vapingthen you must know its good and not so good side. Half knowledge is often zero knowledge and so you must research about vapes and e-cigs in detail. If this makes you confused from where to begin, then you have landed the right page.

Before we switch to the safety and after effects of vapes in the long run, it would be wise to quickly brush up our knowledge on what vapes are all about;

  • Vapes are alternatives to those addicted to smoking
  • These mainly contain a battery, vape-liquid tank or cartridge tank, flavouredvape liquid, and activation button. All are parts can be replaced in the long run.
  • Vapes can be of different shapes, types, and designs
  • These are considered to be safer than traditional types of cigarettes
  • On inhaling thevape, niocotin enters the body

Now that we have little idea on vaping, let’s understand the effects of vaping in the long run;

How safe it is to vape every day? Beginners guide

An act of vaping involves Aerosol inhaling instead of smoke. People often mistake vapes with vape smokes. Some even use the term water vapour, which is again incorrect. Unlike smoking, vaping has liquid form of nicotine.

Before you beginvaping, you will need to understand what is a vape and vape juice. With some online research, you will be able to findoodles of information related to the same. If you have never done vaping before, you must check the customer reviews before buying one.

Once you selected the vape tool, now you must also find out on the web about the different flavors of vape juices.It will be difficult for us to coment which vape juice is better as it all depends on a person’s taste and preference.

For how long should I vape? Is it safe?

You will need to understand a couple of things before you get addicted to vaping. Smokers who smoke 5 cigarettes a day are recommended to switch to vaping for about 10 minutes a day only. It is because the nicotine levels in vapes are stronger otherwise.

If your heart says you don’t need a cigarette to smoke, you must put the vape down. For beginners, it will take some time to gradually differentiate the smoking and vaping addiction.Depending on the brand and your health background, your health expert will be able to tell you if vaping is safe for you. For flavors and designs, you may visit

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