How to Care for a Teething Baby


Teething is uncomfortable for your baby, but there are a variety of techniques and remedies that can relieve the discomfort. Massaging your infant’s gums provides temporary relief for irritated gums. Teething toys are safe and effective remedies for minor pain associated with teething. You can also give your baby pain medication for severe gum irritation. Learn more about teething to discover you can comfort your baby during this difficult time.

Massaging the Gums

Teething is an important milestone in growth development that occurs around six months of age. Parents can lightly massage the gums with a clean finger to provide temporarily relief for teething. Your baby might want to suck you finger, but this is only recommended if no other teeth have developed. Babies need denatal care after their first tooth emerges from the gums or when they turn 12 months of age.

Teething Toys

Your baby might want something to chew after teeth begin to development. Teething toys are safe and effective remedies for gum irritation during teething. It’s important to select teething toys that are age appropriate for your baby. Teething toys need to be cleaned on a regular basis to protect your infant from bacteria. Cold teethers provide immediate relief for irritated gums. These teethers are pre-filled with purified water and can be stored in the refrigerator. A child dentist can recommend safe teethers if gum irritation is severe.

Pain Medication

Doctors recommend pain medication if severe gum irritation is preventing your baby from eating and sleeping. Parents should only give babies pain medication when it’s truly needed. It’s important to give your baby the recommended dose to prevent an accidental overdose. Your baby might develop health conditions such as eczema or asthma if pain medication is given too often. Consult a child dentist for other remedies and techniques to alleviate gum irritation.

Pain medication is available at your local drug. Pediatricians recommend Tylenol or Motrin when your baby is teething. Motrin should not be given to babies younger than six months of age. Motrin can also cause stomach bleeding and liver problems in your baby. It’s safe to give your baby Tylenol with the approval of your pediatrician. Motrin and Tylenol should only be used to reduce fever or alleviate minor pain. Your baby needs routine denatal care to prevent cavities and gum disease.

It’s normal for your baby to experience pain when they are teething. Parents can ease the discomfort from teething by massaging their infant’s gums. Teething toys provide relief for irritated gums. Doctors also recommend giving your baby Tylenol or Motrin for severe gum irritation. Contact Adaven Children’s Dentistry for more information about teething.

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