How to Choose a Quality Hospice Agency?


Determining appropriate hospice care facilities for any person to spend the end moment of life is considered to be a daunting task. Often after looking over the patient’s condition, physicians determine the time for the Hospice & Palliative Care Dallas facilities. It is dependent upon the condition of the patients and disease trajectory. However, all the hospices are not created in an equal manner. Some provide good services, while there is one who comes with excellent services. Many even fail to meet the average required standards of hospice.

One of the foremost things which one must remember before looking for hospice care is to realize that the hospices are even business and income earning source for an individual. Therefore, it is always necessary to ask for certain questions and avail the answer before committing anything. It is quite difficult to determine and trace the difference in their quality.

Hospice Dallas comes forward as a beautiful part of the concept of care. However, certain things must be considered before selecting one. This includes,

  • Does the hospice facility bear the accreditation or certification of any national organization?
  • Are all the staff members engaged in working certified ones in Hospice and palliative medicine?
  • Does every team member of the hospice facility make use of the standardized assessment tool?
  • Do all the patients are provided with a separate case manager and a social worker for their work?
  • How is the entire program planned, monitored, and works to improve the quality of care?

It is generally seen that most of the hospice agencies are Medicare certified. Medicare is considered to be the primary source of reimbursement for the entire patient. It is rather the baseline requirement for quality care. To qualify for the Medicare certification, hospices must provide 16 separate core and auxiliary service options. Core services include bereavement counseling, doctor services, and nutritional service while the auxiliary services include continuous home care facilities, physical therapies, medication administrative work along with all the required household services. It is even important to enquire before whether the Hospice would accept the insurance or not. A hospice may be a non-profit, profit, or government-operated institution. Even the type of ownership of the Hospice influences the service a patient would avail.

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