How to choose the best dentist for children


In today’s lifestyle when children eat unhealthy food, it is important to maintain good dental hygiene. This is possible only by making required number of visits to the dentist at prescribed intervals. Since children are more prone to oral problems by eating candies and sweet food, hence, they require a good children dentist Bundoora to whom they may visit for general checkups and more.

There are many dentists that claim to be good, however, it is essential to choose the best one for your child. Early detection of any oral problem and timely treatment is all that is required by your child from a specialized children dentist.

Following are some of the services that a good children dentist Bundoora provides:

  • General checkup and cleaning: Most of the dentists prescribe that everyone should have a general dental check up after every 6 months. The children dentist Bundoora may check for any problem that the child may have since the last visit or problems like cavity, plaque, gum disease, etc. You may require scaling or polishing of your teeth. During such checkup, you may be advised regarding your brushing habits and maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Tooth extraction: The process of tooth extraction may be a nightmare for most children. But a good children dentist Bundoora may work efficiently and safely, in order to minimize the pain, recovery time and discomfort for your child. He should be experienced enough to know about the cases where it becomes essential to extract the tooth. The dentist must ensure that you are aware of the aftercare that is required following a tooth extraction. In many cases where the milk teeth of the child are diseased, the dentist avoids extraction as he is aware that it will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth.
  • Dental fillings: Fillings are used to repair cavities and stop the tooth from further decay which may result in complete tooth loss. The chosen children dentist Bundoora should provide an affordable dental filling procedure which doesn’t compromise on quality and ensure stress free process. A dental filling may be required when there is persistent tooth ache, pain while biting or chewing, presence of hole, discoloration of tooth and sensitivity to heat to cold.
  • Root canal treatment: The children dentist Bundoora should be highly trained and specialized in carrying out the process of root canal. He should have the necessary skill and technology to carry out safe, gentle and effective procedure. Root canal may be required when tooth sensitivity increases, gums become tender or they swell, darkening of tooth, blood or pus near the tooth or a small bump appears on the gums near the tooth.

Bundoora Family Dental Clinic aims to provide all the above mentioned services to children in a friendly and calming environment. Here, the children dentist Bundoora relaxes their mind and tries to make a happy experience for children rather than a stressful one. You can fix an appointment with the dentist whenever your child has a tooth problem or if it is time to get a regular checkup done.

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