How to choose the right massage


Massage has been part of holistic treatment therapies for thousands of years. But today if you are to choose massage,  you have more than 80 types of massage therapies with varying variety of movements, pressures, and techniques  like pressing, rubbing, manipulating muscles, and soft tissues with hands and fingers. Some types of massages even use forearms, elbows, and feet. With increased awareness of mental and Physical health benefits  of massage, an increased number of people are using massage as a form of therapy for Wellness. 

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Below mentioned indicators for help you choose the right massage

  1. Understand why you need a massage : Everyone gets a massage for their own reasons. It is important to ascertain to yourself the goals of your massage before choosing a massage therapist. Is it to deal with injury or just a means of de-stressing after a long stressful day, is it for rehabilitation post an injury?, or is it a part of your self care routine.  The importance of your massage goals can determine the type of massage that you would need. Look for a therapist who specializes in your needs.
  2. Learn about various therapies: There are more than 300 types of massages, the popular ones being aromatherapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, Acupressure, reflexology massage, pregnancy massage, and sports massage. Learn about these various techniques to choose one therapy that suits you the best.

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  1. Choose your preferences:  Once you choose the kind of massage and decide on the therapist who specializes in that massage,  go ahead and choose from various preferences like location of your session, be it your home or at the spa, the mood and setting, like  the dimmed light, aroma candles and music to set the mood.
  2. Know your therapist: Ask your friends and family for any recommendation for a good therapist. But if you are seeing a therapist for the first time, be sure to inquire into your therapist specialisation, certifications and experience. Also make sure to ask about the duration of therapy and the price accordingly.
  3. Pay attention to post massage care:  a lot of people tend to overlook after massage care when in fact it is a very important aspect of massage therapy. consult your therapist who can provide you more details on this aspect.

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