Clean your hot tub filter completely at least every 4-6 weeks relying on regularity as well as a number of bathers.

Always tidy when you drain pipes as well as re-fill the hot tub for the best water quality. Comply with producer’s directions. Initially, hose filters off with a high-pressure nozzle. The hand-held water stick, link to the water wand page that attaches to your tube is perfect for the work. Second, we recommend utilizing filter cleaner spray. Coldwater alone does keep in mind more than get rid of any debris that’s lodged in the filter pleats. You need a cleaner to thaw the body oil, sunscreen, etc. that causes filters to congest.


  • Clogged filters are common than you could believe. Filters can appear to be tidy aesthetically, yet be plugged enough to trigger circulation, as well as heating unit troubles. The top reason hot tub owners call a solution department: no heat. Over 90% of the moment, “no warmth” is the outcome of clogged up filters. There’s nothing incorrect with the heating system, yet the high limitation switch has actually shut the heating system off to shield it from overheating, as a result of restricted water flow.
  • Use Scum Bug in your jacuzzi. They soak up oils that would otherwise clog filters. Replace every three months or when saturated.
  • Having two sets of filters deserves it! Use on a rotating basis; the tidy set in the jacuzzi; the dirty collection is saturating. · A warm spring health facility offers totally well-balanced filtration, which means the square footage of your filters has been meticulous matches to the gallons per minute circulation price of your spa.
  • Use only filters licensed by your jacuzzi maker as real for that brand name. Do not take a chance on common, brand X filters. As an example, real warm spring filters have actually been specifically crafted to guarantee your hot spring health facility has carbonated, clean water every day.

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