How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Glowing


Both men and women dream of having thick, smooth, silky, and healthy hair. In fact, according to some research, 74% of women reported that bad hair made them feel less confident. 

Keeping your hair healthy and glowing may be difficult because of so many pieces of advice out there. Some people may tell you to oil it constantly, others may advise you to visit the spa, and the conservative ones may even recommend using products with high-quality ingredients and chemicals.

Regardless of the advice you choose to use; you need to care for your hair to prevent it from thinning, frizzing, drying, and breaking. 

Here are some ways that you can keep your hair healthy and glowing:

  • Clean It With Conditioner And Shampoo

It’s vital to constantly shampoo your hair because it’ll always leave your scalp clean. During shampooing, you want to focus on the scalp, and not hair ends. 

Take care not to over-apply the shampoo because some are made from ingredients such as polyquaternium 37 that may make your hair softer if over-applied. Others may also wash out all the oil it has and make it drier. 

The frequency of washing your hair will depend on its texture. However, once or twice every week is ideal for most people. It’s advisable to use a high-quality conditioner to moisturize and revitalize your hair’s strand after shampooing. Before applying the conditioner, ensure your hair is dry. You also want to apply the conditioner on the hair ends and not the roots. 

  • Eat Healthily

Your diet will significantly impact the health of your hair. You should eat foods with iron, protein, and vitamins because they’ll promote its growth. Your hair cells require these nutrients to grow and maintain their natural sheen. 

It’s recommended that you include iron-rich foods like soybeans, fish, beans, and vegetables into your diet daily if you want to maintain healthy hair. You also don’t want to forget to include protein-rich foods like lentils, milk, and peas. 

Drinking plenty of water every day will also help to reinforce the work that your diet is doing. A hydrated body will ensure that your nails, skin, and hair are always healthy.

  • Apply Hair Oils Regularly

Applying hair oils is the most common way of encouraging hair growth. These oils regulate the oils produced by your scalp’s skin gland, ensuring you have healthy-looking strands. 

Olive, coconut, and almond oil can help to moisturize your strands. If your hair has a thinning tendency, apply coconut oil regularly before shampooing. If your hair is dry or kinky, make it wet before using oil to seal in moisture. Oils will help your hair to retain moisture and prevent them from breaking. The result is that you’ll have soft, manageable, and healthy hair.

Use brushes with wide bristles when combing your hair. If your hair is wet, comb them gently because its strands are weak. Also, avoid overstretching the strands because you may break them in the combing process. It’s advisable to brush your hair twice a day and do it from the bottom up. 

The Bottom Line

You can only maintain healthy hair if you make an effort to take care of it daily. These are but a few tips that can help you maintain your hair and keep it healthy and glowing.


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