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The liver is a vital organ of the human body. It carries out most of the major functions such as metabolism, synthesis, storage, production of various biochemicals necessary for digestion and many other important roles. It is positioned in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen right below the diaphragm.

The liver also known as an accessory digestive organ produces bile, an alkaline compound which helps in the breakdown of fats. The liver has some highly specialized tissue that consists mostly of hepatocytes that regulate a wide variety of high-volume biochemical reactions, including the synthesis and breakdown of small and complex compounds.

Till date, there has been no other alternative that is known to us which can make up for the nonexistence of liver function. There are some short-term techniques which can be used such as the liver dialysis but for long term functioning there is no such technique available. Currently, the most common and the only preferred option is Liver transplantation for total liver failure.

What is liver transplantation?

Liver transplantation is also known as Hepatic transplantation. It is a surgical technique to remove the diseased liver and replace it with a healthy one.

In adults, the most common cause of liver transplant is cirrhosis, a condition where the liver slowly weakens and breakdowns due to prolonged injury.

Liver transplants are also done for children wherein the transplant is required due to biliary atresia which is the common cause. Biliary atresia is a rare condition seen in the newborn infants in which the conjoint bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is either blocked or is absent. The cause of this particular condition is not known.

Liver transplants are of two types Living Donor and Deceased donor transplants.

Living Donor liver transplant: In this, a portion of the liver from the living donor is eliminated and transplanted in the body of the recipient and takes 8 weeks for the liver to regenerate.

Deceased donor transplant: In this type of liver transplant, the donor is a brain-dead person whose brain has been damaged and the person is legally declared as dead.

Liver transplantation being a critical surgical procedure requires utmost care and a team of expert surgeons and doctors. Amongst all Dr. ArvinderSoin is the most well-known surgeon for hepatic transplantation in India. Being a part of Medanta hospitalGurgaon, Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin has carried out almost 2500 liver transplants with a success rate of 95%.

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin along with his expert medico team at Medanta hospital is involved in the treatment and post-operative care of patients both adults and children.


Medanta hospital has been conducting one of the largest liver transplant programs and the medico team for liver transplant is recognized globally for their expertise in the widespread specialty treatment for people with severe liver conditions.

Innovations and technology of the liver transplant team at Medanta hospital make transplants and post-operative care easily available to all people.

At Medanta hospital, Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin and his team are well known for treating patients with conditions like a Liver failure due to cirrhosis, Hepatocellular carcinoma (primary liver cancer), biliary atresia, hepatitis, Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), and many other complicated diseases.

For liver transplant procedure specially trained medical and nursing staff for intensive care unit (ICU), nephrologists, liver pathologists, clinical microbiologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, Liver radiologists, nutritionists, liver anesthetists, liver physicians and surgeons like Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin in the lead are available round the clock.

Medanta hospital consists of state-of-the-art facilities and their main aim is to provide best possible liver transplant treatment to the needy at affordable prices.  

The team of medico personnel ensures that the patients recover faster with minimal side-effects and infection rates. The hospital staff makes use of the best available treatment option for the patient and provides excellent quality of non-surgical, pre-post-operative care.

Liver transplant being the most common and the important treatment, Medanta hospital also has some advanced treatments and procedures like;

Liver surgery

Biliary surgery

Interventional radiology procedures

Routine consultations and tests.

Once a patient is diagnosed with a liver disorder, the doctors and surgeons suggest some specific liver-related tests which the patient has to undergo. The patient needs to undergo some specific tests like lab tests, imaging tests, cancer screening tests, heart-related tests, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling, and evaluation, so on and so forth.

When all the tests and evaluation along with the consultations are concluded, a panel of committee members of the transplant center discusses the case and decides whether a liver transplant is the best treatment for the patient. 

With 24/ 7 availability of the dedicated multidisciplinary liver team and Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin, Medanta hospitals are the topmost choice for any treatments related to the liver.




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