Melanotan 2: A Peptide with Wonders


Human body is a home of complex mechanism with different organs doing certain jobs and each of them depending on another to work properly. The system is such that it requires every part to work properly to keep running. Just like any other system this one is also subjected to occasional problems. Our body has components that can heal it without much outside intervention. To tell the truth all these components stay at the peak of functionality during growth years. During this time a human body is developing and requires some components which are found within the body. These components contribute towards proper growth and healing aiding it to achieve the figure of a grown up. But once the growth years have passed, the functionality of the components starts to reduce. This is the stage when we start ageing as the components that help us grow to be young are no longer that effective. That is why we start to feel each and every sign of aging in different parts of our body. The body’s power to heal also reduces with very slowly failing immunity. One of the components that actually take part in growth of human body is peptides.

Melanotan 2 

Peptides are found in human body and some of these peptides are derived from animals for clinical purposes. But some of the peptides are completely synthesized in labs. The melanotan 2 for sale or Mt2 in short is one of the synthetically derived peptides. This peptide is capable of mimicking the composition and effects of α-MSH or alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone which is a naturally occurring hormone. This hormone enables immune system to treat inflammation and is also believed to be regulating sexual behavior, pigmentation, exocrine function and appetite regulation. Melanin is the natural component that creates the pigment of skin and protects it from UV radiation.

The peptide against UV rays

Ultraviolet rays have long been known to damage the skin and even cause skin cancer. The UVB induces ROS or reactive oxygen species along with CPD or cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers and 6-4-photoproducts in the skin. These causes skin damage like premature aging as well as DNA damage. Along with other diseases, these can also cause skin cancer. A repair mechanism called the nucleotide excision mechanism helps to repair the damage caused by photoproducts and converts ROS in a less toxic product. But the mechanism is constantly subjected to oxidative stress exposure. That is why melanocytes produce a hormone which stimulates α-Melanocyte production. This very hormone is involved in the regulation of melanin, the skin color pigment. The Mt2 mimics α-MSH and triggers the production of melanin. As tanning helps to protect from UVB, Mt2 provides protection against skin cancer. 

Fat loss

Research on mice showed that the mice injected with melanotan 2 had less subcutaneous and visceral fat. The peptide is capable of evoking anorectic responses like leptin which mediates between weight loss and body fat. It also turns subcutaneous fat into brown beige fat and creates more tissues to turn fat into energy. The activated calorie burning mechanism results in weight loss. 

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