Next Time Opt For Lube When You Get Intimate


We understand that being quarantined with your partner must have gotten things smooth. But with the extensions and never-ending distance, the ride might not be a smooth one. Yes, that’s a fact for so many couples across the world. But this is why we have brought up the topic of lubricants this season for you.

We know you love your partner unconditionally. However at times, when you get under the sheet, it is not always emotions and cuddles that work. You need to get into the slippery side. Hence lubes gain an upper hand in helping you stride ahead, intimately. There is no shying away from lubricants as they are present everywhere today. Thankfully, it has saved so many couples from falling into the discomfort or anguish zone. These are available online as well as in pharmacies today.

Now without any wastage of time, let us get to know the reasons why lube needs to enter your bedroom soon:

Practically anyone of any age can use it

These do not come with any side effects. Thus whether you are young or old, lubes come to the rescue for everyone. You can also use it to stimulate your genitals for all the pleasure you need when you don’t have your partner next to you. You can easily apply a small portion of it to any part of the body. If you want you can even use it only our adult toys next time for more sensual pleasure. These come in several variants and some are water, oil, or even luxury silicon-based. This will ensure that you use the one that best fits you and your partner’s likes.

Stimulates and augments pleasure like never before

Now using a lubricant does not mean that you only use it when it all gets high but ‘dry’! You can use it anytime even during sexual intercourse. The best part being they are accessible in tons of flavors today. These help to enhance your sensation level. Many of these help to even delay your ejaculation time, so that you gain more satisfaction out of the situation.

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