Nyce Pack


Ever needed hands free cold or heat therapy and found no means of it? This is where Nyce Pack comes in handy, it is a thermal pack that can mold around any part of the body, to provide heat or cold therapy. 

Muscle aches and spasms are the worst, it surely becomes a nightmare. You hardly get sleep and you can hardly move around. Imagine getting your leg hit to a side table, it hurts so badly that you see the blacks and blues showing on your skin later on, might even have any bleeding. Also, if you have muscular pain or joint pain, cold therapy is one of the very first steps of healing. It helps reducing the inflammation and the bleeding, and most importantly, it helps reduce pain. 

Just like cold therapy, heat therapy is also very effective. In case of a pulled muscle, or stiff joints, the heat therapy helps in healing and warming the muscles. Athletes have been using heat therapy for a long period of time to warm up their muscles before they do any other physical exercise. 

The biggest problem while dealing with therapy packs is that they don’t stay in place with a balance without using your hands. Nyce Pack is designed in a way that it can be molded to any part of the body to provide effective therapy. You can mold the therapy pack to any location only with one hand. You can easily mold it without the need of any straps, tape, or any other thing to make it secure. You can use the pack to various areas such as ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, neck, and your head. 

This therapy pack is flexible and easy to use because of the patent-pending wire filament skeleton. The skeleton consists of flexible twisted wires which allow the therapy pack to be molded in the desired way, it gives a balanced therapy to the affected area. The user is able to apply gentle compression to the affected area in order to reduce swelling or inflammation. 

Now comes the best part, here a question arises that how is a user able to make this therapy pack a cold pack or a heat pack? The answer is that the gel inside the pack can be removed and it can be cooled in the freezer and in the need of heat pack, it can be heated in the microwave. 



To have a barrier between the skin and the pack of gel, there is a neoprene cover which is super comfortable on the skin. In most heat packs, additional towels are needed but with this heat pack or cold pack, no other barrier or additional towels will be required. 

To make the pack more suitable for different parts of the body, it comes in two different sizes, one is the small one whose dimensions are 16.5 inches x 6.5 inches. The smaller size is very effective in areas such as your neck, wrists or ankles. It will provide balanced therapy. The larger size is the 16.5 inches x 12.5 inches which you can use on larger areas on your body. You can use the larger pack on your legs, shoulders, abdomen or other areas of the body. 

Shoulders are that part of the body, on which keeping a therapy pack balanced is very difficult because you can never keep the packs in place without having them wrapped. The shoulder Nyce Pack is specifically designed for providing effective therapy to the shoulders. 

The Nyce Pack is a perfect for people who suffer from muscle pain or stiff joints, children with bruises or cramps, people suffering from arthritis, migraine sufferers, and people who suffer from wrist and ankle pain. 

Nyce Pack is created by Robert Baschnagel, who created it out of necessity. His daughter suffered from a joint condition which caused her extreme pain in her ankles. Regular ice packs were never a good solution because they never really stayed in place so he came up with Nyce Pack. 

If you or any of your loved ones is suffering from muscular pain or joint stiffness then they should try this therapy pack for effective therapy and instant relief.