RT PCR Test: Know under which circumstances should you book this test


RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the most reliable testing method that indicates the active presence of the Coronavirus in a living body. If you have not taken any COVID-19 tests, you must know the circumstances under which opting for one becomes crucial. Also, if you opted for a rapid test (Antigen Test) and the symptoms are still visible, you must immediately go for an RT-PCR test. Since the reliability of the rapid test results is doubtful, it is best to choose the most secure option. 

To get a home collection service, click on the link for SpiceHealth RT PCR booking – https://spicehealth.com/ SpiceHealth RT PCR booking. But how will you know when to take a test? Here are a few circumstances that you must pay attention to for getting an RT-PCR test. 

Know When To Book An RT PCR Test For COVID-19 

A few situations will compel you to undergo an RT-PCR test. You must look out for these symptoms and book a test immediately to avoid any severe impact. Most people opt for rapid testing, which is fine as long as you do not have any trouble with your health condition. But to be sure that you are not infected, RT-PCR is a crucial test.  

When You Detect Evident & Recurring Symptoms 

If you are reflecting the prominent symptoms of the Coronavirus as prescribed by the WHO, you must take an RT-PCR test. Some of the common signs include: 

  • Loss of taste and smell 
  • Fever and fatigue 
  • Dry cough 
  • Constant feeling of nausea/vomiting tendency
  • Sore throat and body pain 
  • Difficulty in breathing 

If you detect any of these symptoms that persist even after taking the regular medicines, you should get yourself tested. Contact SpiceHealth RT PCR booking facility for comprehensive support. 

If You Have To Travel To Another Country/City

Some national and international airlines are not accepting the rapid test (Antigen Test) results as proof of not being infected with the virus. If you are travelling to any country with a specified preference for an RT-PCR test report, you will have to opt for the same. Also, make sure you take the test at least 48 hours before flying to abide by the regulations. Old reports are usually not acceptable. 

When The Rapid Test Results Are Doubtful 

If the rapid test results are negative, but you still have the symptoms, you must get a reliable result with RT-PCR testing. Since the results of rapid tests are doubtful, as mentioned by the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), the RT-PCR test is your best shot! Healthcare organisations and experts have specified precisely that the accuracy of RT-PCR tests is the highest of all the three testing methods available for the COVID-19 infection. So, it is best to follow their instructions. 

The Final Say: Choose A Reliable Source For Testing 

Once you encounter any of the above conditions with visible symptoms of the virus, you must choose a reliable source for getting tested. You have to choose a NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified laboratory for COVID-19 tests. Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can choose SpiceHealth RT PCR booking service for your test. It is a certified lab with advanced testing options and services. Visit its website for more detailed information about the services and discover the clinic locations. 

The only drawback of the RT-PCR testing method is that it is expensive! But not in every clinic. Yes, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable testing alternative, opt for SpiceHealth RT PCR booking facility. You can either get a home collection service or visit your nearest clinic for submitting the sample. 

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