Smartest Options for the Right CBD cartridges Now


The popularity of e-cigarettes has given rise to a new type of device to consume cannabis: pen vaporizers. From entry-level models at € 20 to more expensive devices, there is now a large selection of pen sprays for home and mobile use.

The cbd cartridge vaporizers involve two main components: a battery and an atomizer that spray cannabis, grass or concentrate. Many models load via USB. The pen vaporizers offer the advantage of not being very expensive and can easily replace any defective parts (charger, mouthpiece, battery or atomizer).

Pen spray

Some concentrate companies for oil cartridge pen sell their ready-to-eat products in pre-filled cartridges packaged with pen sprays. Neos offers CBD capsules, while Bloom Farms sells cannabis oil capsules from different cannabis strains (indica, sativa or hybrids). The company uses only recycled items for its consumables. Medical patients can thus have quick access to their treatment.

In Short

Office spray: for home use, with a certain budget for the high end

Portable vaporizer: for outdoor use, mainly for weed. The high-end remains accessible

Pen spray: for spontaneous use, mainly for cannabis concentrates, or for small budgets

A pod is a small electronic cigarette with capabilities for vapor pen cartridges with high levels of nicotine or alternative liquids such as CBD or nicotine salts. We also talk about Pod Mod which qualifies the whole of the electronic cigarette: cartridge + battery.

The cartridge

This is the main part that has a reservoir for the liquid, a resistor and a nozzle for vaping. The cartridge is also called the “pod”. The tank often has a capacity of 2 ml. The resistance has a high value equal to or greater than 1.0Ω. It does not need a lot of power to vaporize the liquid. It can therefore be associated with a small battery. There are cartridges on the market pre-filled with e liquids and cartridges to be filled with the liquid of one’s choice.


The battery is often small with sufficient autonomy to activate the resistance and vape several hours depending on the frequency of vaping.

  • This small capacity, expressed in mAh (milli amperes), recharges very quickly using the USB cable usually supplied with the pod mod. Some batteries are automatic, they do not need an activation button for vaping. The pod mod reacts to the aspiration of the vapoteur. They may have a discrete LED that indicates the battery charge level.

Why use a pod?

The role of the pod is to effectively distribute the nicotine you need while enjoying the flavors of the liquid. Combined with liquids with nicotine salts, the pod is a tool for effective smoking cessation help. Precisely, thanks to this rapid diffusion of nicotine.

With the mini size of the pod, the footprint is reduced to a minimum. It is therefore possible to vapote as soon as the desire is felt. When traveling, at work (where permitted), by car, at a festival, etc where the informed vape would not have brought his usual bulky equipment.

Because a pod is simple to use

The pod is the basis of the base of the equipment for vaping. It’s plug & play without settings and does not require much knowledge before starting.

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