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For all those who would like to lose weight dramatically and drastically, it can be recommended to undergo surgical operations, but the few proven studies is not enough to really recommend this option each time and to each patient. Criteria must be defined beforehand.

Lose weight at all costs

Are you overweight surgery tempted by the need to lose weight quickly? You probably already know that you have many other choices before you take action. You can for example seek to lose weight naturally, by exercising and by adopting a healthy diet. With the vaserlipolondon you can get the perfect choice now.

The surgical method is becoming more and more popular, but is it good for our health?

A point on surgery to lose weight

Surgery is mainly recommended for people with morbid obesity that is to say with an overweight of more than 45 kilos. To enter this category, a person must have a BMI of 40 or more (the “normal” BMI is between 18 and 25).

Bariatric surgery (with placement of a gastric band) is generally considered as the last treatment option for diabetics with a BMI of 35. Whatever happens, whether they are diabetic or not, this practice is often recommended for older adults.


This question raises questions: this is why the medical authorities have difficulties in defining precise conditions to justify such an approach.

Two surgical techniques

There are two main types of surgical techniques:

The so-called pure restrictive techniques: fitting of a gastric band, longitudinal gastrectomy or vertical gastrectomy. These techniques decrease the size of the stomach and make it easier to decrease the amount of food eaten. You can go for the best best plastic surgeon in london there.

Mixed techniques called restrictive and “malabsorptive”: placement of a gastric bypass (also called gastric short-circuit) and biliopancreatic bypass. These techniques reduce the size of the stomach (restriction technique) and reduce the assimilation of food by the body (malabsorptive technique).

Different processes

Gastric Band

Performed under laparoscopy, it is a painless and very fast operation.

It consists of placing a silicone ring around the stomach to reduce its capacity and volume and thus reduce the amount of food ingested.

The advantages:

This reversible technique seems very effective because the loss of fatty mass can go up to 50% of the excess of total weight.

The ring will drastically slow down the passage of food without disturbing digestion.

The installation of the ring is a common operation and simple to practice, it remains supported by Social Security.

Issues to be Alert About

Difficult passage of food can cause vomiting.

It is possible that the ring moves and that this provokes gastric uplifts.

Gastric Sleeve: radical and effective.

This technique allows the stomach to be transformed into a tube. Thanks to a stapling technique along its entire length, the stomach is stretched and thus reduces the production of a hormone called ghrelin which regulates appetite.


  • You don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.
  • You lose more weight than with a gastric band.
  • There is no implantation of foreign bodies.
  • Social security reimbursement is possible.

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