Spectra Breast Pump: What Is It and Why Do You Need It


When you’re expecting, a lot of things can be both exciting and overwhelming– buying clothes and furniture for the baby, reading about the best methods to care for the child, and what to look for in a good breast pump.

A number of brands have popped up in recent years and it may take days for expecting moms or new moms to decide, or if they even have the energy to decide after seeing the dozens of options available. To aid you in your search, here’s why we think a Spectra Breast Pump could be it for you and why it’s essential on your breastfeeding journey:

Closed System

There are two main breast pump systems in the market: the open system breast pump and the closed system breast pump. The difference is primarily the presence of a backflow protector or filter which prevents the milk from flowing back to the motor, making it more hygienic and suitable for longer use. Without this barrier, open system breast pumps become more prone to the presence of bacteria and mold growth. All Spectra Breast Pump models are closed system breast pumps, which makes them safer to use for you and for your baby.

Double breast pump

For saving time and effort as a mom, double breast pumps are the way to go. They help in making it more efficient for you and better support your milk supply as well. All of the Spectra Breast Pump models have all necessary adaptors and parts to be a double breast pump.

Backed by medical professionals and fellow mothers

A number of experts and real-life moms have given Spectra Breast Pumps their two thumbs up for the overall ease of using the product and its hygiene and support for lactating moms. It’s a winner for the whole community.

Quality Motors for Suction Strength

All Spectra Breast Pumps come with quality motors that give you the suction strength you need for breast pumping. Some models, such as the S1 and S2, also have the capacity of switching between different speeds, which could help some moms who may not be sure yet what suction strength they’d be comfortable using.

Massage Mode feature

For moms whose babies are a bit older (6 months or older), investing in a breast pump that features massage mode can help stimulate milk flow from the breast by mimicking a baby in quick, fast suction motions. For moms whose babies are younger, this feature may not be needed yet. Spectra Breast Pumps offer some models, like the S1 and S2, that have a built-in massage mode, and they also have models like the DEW 350 without it. It all depends if this feature will be something useful for you in the long run. If not, save a few bucks by getting a model without the feature.

Overall, Spectra Breast Pumps give moms the right features they need to make breast pumping and breastfeeding a breeze. It takes a load off on the things to do for the day and gives you more quality time with your baby. Shop for Spectra Breast Pumps here and start your breast pumping journey with ease. 


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