Spider Vein Causes and Treatment Methods in Singapore


There are more reasons to worry about spider veins than you think. Many people worry about its appearance, but it affects your health heavily. Spider or varicose veins can be the first step towards getting a blood clot or an open sore on your legs. Therefore, if you have spider veins, it’s best to go to a vascular surgeon in Singapore immediately. Vascular surgery is one of the most effective treatments for spider veins.

However, they say prevention is the most excellent cure if you don’t have spider veins yet. Here are the causes of spider veins and ways to avoid them.

Causes of Spider Veins

By knowing the causes of spider veins, you’ll be able to consciously avoid them so you can prevent any pressure from growing in your veins. Avoid vascular surgery in Singapore by being aware of these causes of spider veins:

  • Standing still for long periods can slowly build pressure in your veins. If you make it a habit, you’ll eventually develop spider veins. Because of this, cashiers and servers tend to be the most common victims of varicose veins.
  • The clothes you wear can worsen your chances of getting spider veins. A vein clinic in Singapore usually advises against wearing high heels and tight hosiery regularly, as these can cause pressure to build up in your legs.
  • Pregnancy can, unfortunately, increase your chances of getting spider veins, as the weight of your developing baby can be challenging on your legs. However, you don’t have to avoid pregnancy to avoid spider veins. You can use many more methods to relieve the pressure from your legs during pregnancy, as shown below.

Tips to Improve or Avoid Spider Veins

Now that you know what to avoid, what can you do to lower your chances of getting spider veins even further? The following are spider vein treatment methods in Singapore that can prevent and help early cases of spider veins.

  • Regular exercise can help improve blood flow and ease some of the pressure in your veins that could develop into spider veins. Since standing still is one of the causes, make sure you incorporate some exercise that gets your legs moving and stretching. Ensure that you elevate your legs often, too, so they can take a break from carrying your body weight.
  • If you already have spider veins, consult with a vein clinic in Singapore about getting compression stockings. While you’ll still have visible veins on your legs, you will relieve some pressure and the blood pumping back to your heart. The doctors of the vein clinic can help you find the right size and amount of pressure you need.

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