The 8th House of Astrology


Among the great Houses of Vedic astrology, the Eighth house holds an especially important place for its dominion over matters of death, sex, finances, and your darkest emotions. Getting familiar with this HouseHouse can be especially uncomfortable for some because this is the HouseHouse that forces you to confront life’s harshest truths.

Yet, in a way, this is also unsurprising. After all, just as the universe encourages creation and growth, so must it encourage decay and destruction, in order to facilitate a greater sense of balance in the world. Death, your closest insecurities, and all other controversial topics are all things you need to acknowledge in order to personally better your life.

Of course, you don’t have to acknowledge these things alone. Hopefully, as you read further about the Eighth, you’ll get to see that this HouseHouse is not without benefits.

So, what is the Eighth House?

Ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, the Eighth House concerns everything that you might find difficult to face. Perhaps you find people difficult to trust because you were wronged in your childhood, or perhaps you’re secretly looking for someone to just embrace you and let your inner child play around without the fear of being judged.

These and all other questions and insecurities you may have can be particularly destructive, if only because you also know that life never works the way you wish it to. Unfortunately, these things tend to eat away at people if they’re not confronted. The harder your questions are, the more you may find it difficult to appreciate the beauty and splendor of the things around you.

Yet this is also what makes this HouseHouse a blessing in itself because it means there’s always an opportunity for change. You see, while the Eighth house astrology is indeed universally hated for its literal and figurative association to darkness, it’s only so because the Vedic tradition sees it as a necessary force for the transition. When something in the universe is destroyed, something else– something new– is made!

In a way, this means that your actual suffering is necessary so that you can change for the better– and Vedic astrology does not hold back. It does not mince words; to be more confident and better, you must confront insecurity and the reality of death. Memento mori.

But it’s also not just about your own internal chaos and doubts, either. Indeed, this HouseHouse also covers your inheritance, loans, and your overall financial situation. The reason for this is that more often than not, people tend to squander the things they have, without really knowing how much they’re able to spend. Unfortunately, the absolutely worst financial downfalls don’t just hurt you– they can hurt families, communities, and if it’s great enough, even whole countries. 

As such, in addition to internal problems, this HouseHouse also covers financial problems. Money, just like life, is finite. Thus, Vedic astrology always makes it a point to tell everyone to take care of their finances as much as you should confront your deepest, most agonizing fears. In the next section, you’ll learn more about what it means to truly face yourself.

What Can I Do To Face Myself?

“Facing yourself” in Vedic astrology isn’t something you can do concretely, unlike putting a coin in your piggy bank, but there are steps that you can take. As always, you must start by knowing what your sign means for you.

For the most part, your astrological sign often predicts both your actual tendencies and even what you can do to make facing your inner darkness much easier. Of course, facing yourself is not the end-all, be-all of this HouseHouse: the ultimate goal is to help you change and become someone more capable of helping others face their own darkness as well!

In this sense, the next step is for you to evaluate your finances. Life forces us to make very tough choices, and indeed, if there’s one thing in common about all the tough choices you’ve made in your life, it’s that you’ve always had to get out of your comfort zone every single time.

Consider the last time you got your payment. You must have gone straight for the restaurant at one point, just to celebrate the pieces of paper you earned as a result of your hard work. Yet in doing so, you must have run out of money, so perhaps you decided not to splurge too much. If you did this at one point, then congratulations– you’re going in the right direction!

Because you’re more financially stable, not only are you able to plan for more long-term goals, you also don’t need to worry about feeding yourself while facing your own inner problems. 

Instead of stress-eating, for example, you can start doing yoga or going to the nearest gym. Instead of drinking yourself to a stupor, you can start reading books, pursuing art, and talking to friends who will always love and understand you for who you are, and no matter what your problems might be.

Honestly, all of this simply means one thing for you and me: investing well means investing in yourself. You are not alone, and change is never too late. This is what it means to believe in the Eighth house astrology .


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